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7 Tips to Market Your Jewelry Brand Effectively on Social Media

Social media is one of the influential tools available today to the businessman who wish to create a big impact for their brand. Various social media platforms open doors for you to take hold of your business, societal impression and expand the outreach worldwide or within very much targeted local communities using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

No matter, what type of jewelry you are selling, market research and an action plan based on your research is a must.

This article will discuss tips and ideas to market high end products like diamond jewelry online. And, here are the important points to focus on:

1- Concentrate on brand image; while marketing a diamond jewelry brand, take your time in defining your brand first. Always keep in mind the recent trends, your previous posts and how they influenced the market. For instance, some diamond rings designs performed better than others, because a celebrity was spotted with those designs. Do not forget to take a look at the posts that has skyrocketed the sales of your diamond rings. You may also look for most popular content of competitors.

In an effort to make your business a dominant jewelry brand, design an impressive, meaningful and attractive page. Always keep in mind the message that you wish to convey to your visitors when they peep into your page!

2- Try to add a personal touch; no wonder, images leave lasting impressions. By adding pictures to your pages you take your promotion to a niche higher. It’s seen that when you add pictures of your customers with bestselling items, you add a real feel to your page. Better product photography can work like a magnet for your page. Moreover, creating hash tag with customers wearing a high end diamond pendant from your new arrivals on the page forces them to visit the page repeatedly. Your post will be the talk of the town as the customer will flaunt your brand by spreading word of mouth.

3- Frequent changes are a must; keep experimenting with the cover pages. As people get bored with same repeated pages so it’s better to refresh the cover pages once a month if not frequently. This will add innovation to the website that will help keep viewers engaged and stick to it.

4- Spread the power of links; add your social media links on your magazine ads, emails and business cards. Setting a community also attracts more visitors to your page resulting in marketing your jewelry brand.

5- Organizing contests; building a strong brand is like targeting to acquire continuous attention of the purchasers. For this, organizing small events, online contests and get to gathers, distributing voucher, gift certificates, cash back offers and buy back guarantees can do wonders. But you must offer the rewards against an action which creates a multiplier effect, for instance, 3 high end diamond ring is the present and you must tag three friends of yours who you think deserve the gift! You can amplify the contest’s reach by adding requirements like tag a friend with a reason why she deserves it and so!

6- Regularly rewarding the active fans; one of the most encouraging initiatives you can take in boosting your brand is by giving recognition to your super fans the one who regularly comments and like your posts. Making them your brand ambassador is a wonderful idea to take your marketing to the next level. These people will spread word of mouth for your diamond jewelry online store.

7- Advertisements on Facebook; Facebook is one of the most influential and popular platforms to create awareness about your diamond jewelry brand. Invest in Facebook ads and grab goodwill for your brand for a cost lower than any other PPC ad network!


The Bottom Line:

Marketing a jewelry brand on social media is very much similar to that of marketing any other luxury brand, and constant learning is a must, because your customer choices are evolving constantly and you need to keep up with them!

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