7 Tips to Prepare for an Online Startup Job Interview

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More and more startups and small businesses are considering online job interviews when it comes to hire new talent. Online job interview is ideal for companies and potential employees because it saves costs and time. It is easy to host an online interview, as the company doesn’t have to prepare additional meeting space and pay traveling costs for a job seeker.

On the other hand, it is as well beneficial for the applicant, because they don’t need to leave their home and travel to the company’s office. However, one still needs to prepare carefully and represent himself professionally when appearing in an online interview. Getting hired by a startup can be easy if you have it all for the job you have applied for and you represent yourself well in the interview.

Besides, this point goes to both sides, because a candidate and an interviewer have to be sufficiently prepared. For companies, it is recommended to use online surveys before moving to an actual online interview. A comprehensive survey can separate potential hires from incompetent ones. To save your time implement https://www.123formbuilder.com/online-survey-tool/ – an online survey tool. The platform is easy to use because it’s based on a drag and drop system.

And for the applicant, if you are seeking a new position and want to be fully prepared to achieve great success in your next online interview, we recommend following tips below:

1- Do Research on the Company

No matter what job you are seeking, interviewers will ask you what do you know about the company and the role you are applying. In case of a startup, the founders and the hiring managers are more concerned about your interest in the ideas they are working on and how you feel you can help them grow their business.

To master this part do a careful study about the position and the company itself. Research on their services, check vision and mission statements, learn core values. Even though they might not ask about it, you will surprise them by knowing all the facts about their business.

2- Practice Answers

A first interview is usually based on a conventional structure, no matter if it’s an online or face to face questioning. It means that most of the questions will follow a similar path and it is beneficial for you, as a candidate, because it’s easier to prepare for the interview. Practice telling a brief story about yourself, point out the strengths that you have and try to soften weaknesses. Also, use phrases that they are looking in the potential employee.

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3- Prepare your Devices

There is nothing more annoying that the first few minutes of an online interview when neither of you can properly hear and understand each other. It might happen because everything isn’t in our hands, but try to avoid technical issues as it looks unprofessional. Have a call with a friend and check if your webcam and microphone work well, and reception is good. It will save you from the unexpected complications which can easily distract you during the questioning.

4- Prepare for the Unexpected

Although many interviews go by the same structure, be prepared for the questions that aren’t on your agenda. It might be the tricky ones to test your thinking and communication skills, also to check how do you react in certain situations. In this case, you should have a good knowledge about the interviewing company, their product or service, and the industry they serve. To deal with personal-oriented questions you have to act and be confident to convince interviewers, you might not know the right answer but if you’re confident enough, a big chance, they won’t even notice.

5- Find a Calm Environment

This tip integrates to the third one because as it’s disturbing when your devices fail you, it is even more annoying when there are outside noises or lousy lightning. To avoid that, try to find the quietest room in a place, arrange a sitting position in a way light would illuminate your face rather than gleam behind your back. If you have the interview at your home, ask family members or flatmates to do not disturb you and stay quiet. To prevent street noises, close windows and doors.

6- Check Your Appearance

Online job interviews are good because usually, you don’t have to leave your house, but it doesn’t mean you can wear a sweatshirt and a baggy hoodie. The first impression is what matters the most, and the appearance is a big part of it. Wear formal clothes, fix your hair and stay professional, it will show that you are devoted and take the job seriously.

7- Be Sociable and Approachable

On the actual online interview try to be as friendly as possible, but avoid being too talkative, as you are the one being interviewed. Smile, speak clear and loud enough for interviewers to understand you. Depending on a job role you can use a few jokes, be aware of picking the neutral ones as people might get offended. Ask questions that will impress them because it shows your interest and curiosity.

Wrapping it up!

Job interviews might be intimidating, doesn’t matter if it’s an online or face to face interview. However, when you are being interviewed online, it is easier to hide the fact that you are nervous. And always have in mind that interviewers are ordinary people and they understand the anxiety you are facing. Their job is to find the best candidate and ensure that the role will be held accordingly, which makes them nervous as well. Nonetheless, to feel confident it is essential to prepare for the interview and show that you are competent for the job position.

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