7 Tips to Promote Your Startup Without Breaking Your Bank

Starting a business is not an easy task. Many business owners struggle to promote their startups in order to attract relevant clients. Additionally, the majority of startups don’t have enough cash to spend on promoting their businesses.

That should not worry you since there are plenty of ideas you can work with. For instance, low cost promotional products can help you with effective branding not just in trade shows and other events, but also in regular conditions, i.e. get FREE mug with the purchases of $50 or more and so on.

Well, it’s not jut about mugs, but there can be tons of ideas that can contribute to better branding along with increasing sales revenues. Here in this article, I will discuss top 7 startup promotion ideas that you can consider without having to break your bank.

1- Have an Appealing Website

Nowadays, Internet technology has really changed how businesses operate. More businesses are going online due to the increasing demand of customers that are searching and purchasing products online. You don’t want your business to miss out on these potential clients.

Having an appealing website does not have to cost you much. You can do a simple business website yourself or have a professional freelancer design or upgrade it for you at a small fee. Ensure that your website content is high-quality and that will keep your online visitors coming back and referring others to your site. It’s important that you timely respond to your site visitors’ inquiries in order to convert them to customers.

2- The Social Pages for Your Business

Many businesses are using social media platforms to attract clients through their business social media pages. And in fact, a business without social media presence is at risk of losing a heavy business in today’s digital world. So, having social media presence is crucial for any business.

You will need to be as interactive with your site’s visitors as possible to ensure that you don’t miss out on any orders and prospects that may inquire for more details about your products.

Pictures speak a million words, so make sure you use high-quality photography to display your products and possibly add their costs since this makes it easier for a prospect to make a purchase decision. Link your social media platform to your website so that visitors can be directed to your site for more product information.

3- Determine Your Promoting Budget

Determining your business promoting budget is simply figuring out how much you’re willing to spend on marketing your products. You can take advantage of Internet marketing since it may not be so costly and has the capacity to reach more people. There are many ways you can use this to promote your business as long as finance is not an issue.

There is no specific figure pegged to your budget. Different businesses have different budgets based on the business owner’s financial capability and the clients they intended to reach at a given time.

4- Harness the Power of Online Contests

Online contests are a great way to promote your business since they have the capability to reach more people and generate new leads for your business. You will spend money on prizes, but the number of participants and potential leads generation will be worth your expenditure since it will be a great financial boost to your business. You don’t need to spend much to get people participating. A stunning prize and a little marketing can go a long way.

Some items that you can offer as prizes include branded custom drawstring bags, T-Shirts and caps, mugs, water bottles, umbrellas, and pens. These are products that are used on a regular basis, and since they contain your business logo, they ensure that your business is visible to the people who use them and those around them.  

Many people prefer custom drawstrings bags because they can close the bags easily and protect their belongings. They are also preferred for events and conferences as they are convenient. Some belongings that you can throw in these bags are pens, notebooks, and water bottles. The materials used to make these bags range from cotton, nylon, clear plastic, polyester, etc., and they vary in cost. You can choose your preferred material based on your budget.

5- Boost Your Campaigns with Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great and easy way to engage your business prospects as well as maintain business relationships with your existing clients. You can also use email marketing to inform your clients and prospects about new products or any promotions that you may be running.

6- Focus on Your Targeted Niche

Choose your business target niche and focus on that to promote your business since this will assist you in reducing your promoting expenses. It may also make your email marketing easier since you can always come up with standard email templates that you can send to all your target clients, which saves you time.

7- Do not Underestimate the Business Cards

Promoting your business can be as easy as sharing your business card with all the people you interact with since you may not know when they will need your products. It would be better to get yourself fancy business cards and ensure that all your business details are correct.

The Bottom Line

Market trends change regularly. Therefore, it’s essential that you regularly update yourself on the product needs of your customers in order to ensure that you remain relevant to your clients’ needs.