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7 Types of Creative Talent that is in High Demand in This Digital Age

Seeing the lunge of startups in the creative digital industry, of course, there is also a need for more digital creative staffing.

Technology has become so integrated with our daily lives that it changes not only our lives but also the way we work. So influential that the topic of technology has become a hot topic in various discussions in almost all industries because this technology is changing how the business or company operates.

With the inclusion of digital technology in various fields of human life, both in the economic sector, business, banking, infrastructure, and communication also affects the emergence of new talents.

The emergence of a variety of new talents in the digital age requires companies and organizations to have staff that has skills not only in the form of hard skills but also soft skills.

Being able to communicate well, have problem-solving abilities, and be creative and innovative are some examples of soft skills that one must have in order to be able to adapt in the world of work in the current digital era.
Because the development of the digital world does not rule out the possibility of collaboration in various fields of work.

Especially now that people have implemented digital technology in various aspects of their lives. The type of work that was previously unthinkable will emerge along with the community’s need for the profession.

Check out the following reviews of creative talent needed in the digital age:

1- Social Media Specialist

The development of digital technology has made social media an important role for companies to increase brand awareness and build connections with customers.

Because of the importance of social media as a marketing platform today, many companies are looking for Social Media Specialists to manage all of the company’s social media accounts.

In addition, a Social Media Specialist also has duties in content planning, caption writing, and material scheduling strategies.

2- Content Writer

Judging from its name, Content Writer means someone who makes certain content in written form. Work as a Content Writer is currently highly sought after by several companies to write articles that will be uploaded on the company’s website.

Articles created by Content Writer must be informative and represent a product or company image.

3- Video Creator

The profession as a Video Creator is arguably a profession that is in demand by many people in the digital era today. Because many companies also need a Video Creator to create video content.

A Video Creator must be able to make a mature concept so that the message to be conveyed can attract the attention of the public.

4- Affiliate Account Manager

Today’s affiliate business is indeed very popular. Some companies use affiliate programs to facilitate the sale of company products. Therefore, many companies need an Affiliate Account Manager to build mutually beneficial cooperation with clients.

5- Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer is in charge of creating corporate marketing content in the form of images. In making a design, a Graphic Designer must have high creativity to be able to produce visuals that are communicative and in accordance with the message to be conveyed.

6- Data Analyst

Data Analyst has the task to analyze data which can later be a reference for the progress of a business in a company. These data will not only be analyzed but also must be able to be explained the cause and effect by a Data Analyst.

7- UI / UX Designer

UI is the User Interface while UX is the User Experience. Both are closely related to the appearance of a website. A UI/UX Designer has the duty to design a website or application to make it easier to use with an easily understood display.

Figma provides UI/UX online design courses for the step-by-step walk-through process.

Concluding it all!

That is part of the new talent in the current digital era. Companies, institutions, organizations, or individuals who are looking for the best candidates for creative staff positions can use the Creative staffing Agency Service.

Recruiters who seek, select, and place talented people in the creative digital industry who are qualified or professional in the company and direct the company to profit growth.

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