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77 Best Crowdfunding Websites to Fund Your Startup

If you have lately been looking to fund your startup, you must have explored the idea of Crowdfunding. As it’s becoming a popular trend, the number of Crowdfunding websites is also increasing.

With the growing number of websites dedicated to helping funding creative and entrepreneurial projects, you have more chances for your startup to find funds. On the other hand, it’s tough to go through the thousands of Crowdfunding websites out there.

To generate funding for your startup with Crowdfunding, all you need to do is to filter the best platforms and start promoting your idea there. There are commission based and commission free crowdfunding websites that entertain all industries; however, some are specific to certain industries. So, a wise idea is to explore and have a presence on both types of portals.

best crowd funding websites

Here we have gathered a list of 77 popular Crowdfunding websites, making it easy for you to speed up your research and start funding your project right away!

1- Agfunder.Com

2- Angel.Co

3- Angel.Me

4- Appbackr.Com

5- Blackcrowdfunding.Net

6- Bluecrowd.Ca

7- Bumpycrowd.Com

8- C-Crowd.Com

9- Cinecrowd.Nl

10- Click2cause.Com

11- Clicktodonate.Org

12- Cloudfunding.Co.Za

13- Co-Fund.Me

14- Cofunder.Ie

15- Communityfunded.Com

16- Companycrowd.Com

17- Crowd2fund.Com

18- Crowdahouse.Com

19- Crowdclan.Com

20- Crowdfunder.Co.Uk

21- Crowdfunder.Com

22- Crowdfundsw1.Com

23- Crowdgrant.Com

24- Crowdofmac.Com

25- Crowdrise.Com

26- Dreamdoit.Com

27- Earlyshares.Com

28- Equitynet.Com

29- Foodstart.Com

30- Fundable.Com

31- Funddy.Com

32- Fundedbyme.Com

33- Fundersclub.Com

34- Fundrazr.Com

35- Fundrise.Com

36- Gambitious.Com

37- Getfunded.Com

38- Gofundme.Com

39- Greenunite.Com

40- Growvc.Com

41- Headfunder.Com

42- Helpersunite.Com

43- Hyperfund.Com

44- Icrowd.Com

45- Icrowdfund.Ie

46- Indiegogo.Com

47- Inlu.Com

48- Invested.In

49- Ipovillage.Com

50- Iventures.Me

51- Joinvestor.Com

52- Jumpstartafrica.Com

53- Kickstarter.Com

54- Launchpadinvestors.Com

55- Limoney.It

56- Microfundo.Com

57- Myfundit.Com

58- Ourcrowd.Com

59- Peoplefund.It

60- Pleasefund.Us

61- Ppl.Com.Pt

62- Prohatch.Com

63- Quirky.Com

64- Raisecapital.Com

65- Rockethub.Com

66- Seeds.Nl

67- Seedups.Com

68- Shopfunder.Com

69- Somolend.Com

70- Startme.Co.Za

71- Startupvalley.Com

72- Sterlingfunder.Com

73- Trucrowd.Com

74- Ufunded.Com

75- Ustartups.Com

76- Wefund.Co.Uk

77- Weraise.Us

Hope the list will solve half of your research task! If you have conducted a research at your own and know some other Crowdfunding platforms that can be included in the list, do share it with us via editor(at)

You may alternatively want to check out these funding options for your startup as well:

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