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8 Harmful Habits That May Make You Less Likeable at Workplace

Being likeable isn’t just about making friends and getting invited to events, but it’s a great way to advance your career, whether it is a job or your own business. Everyone wants to be liked by their friends and peers, but being likeable is a must to succeed in the workplace.

It’s obvious that you shouldn’t be stealing someone’s belongings or leaving them passive aggressive notes, but what else could you be unknowingly doing that is making you less likeable at workplace or within professional and business circles.

harmful habits at workplace

1- Complaining

All of your coworkers know that you didn’t want to wake up super early Monday morning to sit at your desk all day when you just had an amazing weekend. Instead of complaining, likeable people focus on the good, so consider asking your coworker about the best part of his/her weekend.

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Happy people want to be around other happy people; be the person that brings morale up instead of down. Don’t, however, get complaining confused with venting. It’s perfectly okay and healthy to vent with someone you trust, but don’t let it dominate your conversations.

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2- One-Upping

Everyone knows that person who has to do everything bigger and better than everyone else. Don’t be that person. If someone tells you exciting news, they don’t want you to knock them down by one-upping them. Did your coworker just tell you about all the compliments she got in her annual review with the boss? Great! Congratulate her. Don’t tell her about how the boss said even nicer things to you.

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3- Acting Unapproachable

This is a big one, especially for shy people. Often, when we’re uncomfortable in social situations, we unknowingly send cues that we are unapproachable and unlikeable. Try to avoid crossing your arms, staring at the floor, slouching, and scowling. Instead, stand up straight, make eye contact, and smile!

If you are a business owner, being approachable is a must for you!

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4- Not Showing an Interest in Others

People are often afraid that they will seem nosy if they ask others questions, but most people actually love to talk about themselves. Ask people questions and show them that you are genuinely interested in them. If you’re unsure as to how well you can hold a conversation, try taking a likeability test to analyze your skills.

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5- Staring at Your Phone

As much as we like to think we can multitask, if you are looking at your phone while someone is talking to you, you’re not really listening. Not only are you dividing your attention, you’re also sending the message that whatever is on your phone is more important than the person you are talking to.

6- Gossiping

No one loves a gossip, especially in the workplace. If you’re constantly talking about others, people won’t trust you. It makes them wonder how often you talk about them behind their back, and it’s just a negative behavior that people don’t like to be around.

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harmful habits at workplace 2

7- Misusing Social Media

The face you put forward on social media is usually your best face. It’s fine to share a cute picture of your son, but 10 pictures every day is overkill. People also don’t want to see complaint after complaint about your life and the world around you. Most importantly, never post anything negative about your job or coworkers on social media, unless you want to be fired. Make sure you know your company’s policy about posts on social media.

8- Not Being Dependable/Being Late

This might be another one you don’t realise is hurting your likeability. When you’re late for something or flake on something you said you would do, the message you are sending is that your time is more valuable than everyone else’s.

Some of these habits are often done without us even realising, whereas others can often be done intentionally. Whichever is the case for you, make sure you stay clear of carrying them out in and around the workplace. That way, you’ll be able to assure that you’re much more likeable.

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