8 Latest Tech Gadgets for Smart Workplace

A highly motivated, engaged and self sustained team is the key to success for any project and this is crucial in case of startups and small businesses. So, investing in your team is an essential in order to put your business on a growth track.

Among many other factors, tech gadgets in the office can help boost employee productivity. So if your business has a small team of employees, here are some tech gadgets you should consider having to improve workplace productivity.

1- Catchbox

Catchbox is a portable light and soft wireless microphone that enables events, conference, and lecture attendees to take part and engage in discussions.

It enables you to contribute to a discussion without you having to move from your seat. On top of that, it can be thrown to you. It does not need to be passed on from one person to another like you would a handheld microphone, to reach you. This is why it is also called a throw-able microphone.

The design of the microphone is customizable, and it has an inbuilt auto-mute feature that prevents unwanted noises when the box is thrown or dropped. 

2- Triple Monitor Stand

If you want to improve productivity in the workplace, then the triple monitor stand is a must-have. It can display three screens that enable you to view several items at the same time.

The beauty about this stand is that provides you with an expansive workspace. So you can multitask as well as run multiple applications at the same time.

3- Connected Whiteboard

Having a connected whiteboard at the office enables remote workers to connect and interact. So if there are some workers working offsite, they can be able to communicate and share ideas with their work colleagues who are in the office.

This gadget features a large whiteboard screen enabling team members to show and communicate their ideas even if they are not in the office. 

The advantage of having this gadget is it that it can help boost productivity because it enables collaborative planning and brainstorming when working remotely.

4- Window Mounted Solar Charger

You have to give it up for tech experts. They always design gadgets that offer solutions to small and big problems. Now, there is nothing more annoying than when you can’t communicate with your work colleagues because your phone battery is dead.

This is why tech experts came up with portable power banks that users can use to charge their smartphones and other devices. However, the power bank also has to be charged to have enough power to charge your devices. But it’s not all the time that you have access to a power outlet to charge your power bank, which is why tech experts developed a window mounted solar charger. 

All you need to do is mount it on a sunny window or use indoor lighting to charge it. So this charger is ideal if your work requires you to be constantly on the move.

5- Stress Management Device

Sometimes it is hard to manage or control our stress levels, especially at the workplace. When you are too stressed, this can affect your performance. So tech developers have come up with stress management devices that can help people to manage your stress.

One of these devices is called stress thermometer. What this device does is it measure your finger temperature to detect your stress levels. When you get tense, the temperature in your hand drops and when you are relaxed, the temperature goes up.

The stress thermometer can detect temperature fluctuations helping you know that you are becoming stressed and you need to relax.

6- Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomic keyboards are designed to help prevent strain injury. People who use computers every day to perform tasks such as typing, like e-learning students looking for services like take my online class, can benefit greatly from using this device.

It makes it easy for a user to type in information on their computer easily without needing to strain their muscles.

It makes it easy for a user to type in information on their computer easily without needing to strain their muscles.

7- LVL Hydration Monitor

This device is ideal because it monitors your hydration. There are times your body needs fluids but you may not feel dehydrated enough to grab some water. This device alerts you when it senses that your body needs to hydrate prompting you to take fluids in order to boost your performance. 

8- Nap Pod

Nap pods are chairs designed for working people to take naps. Now and then, employees need to take power naps when they are feeling tired or stressed. According to researchers, taking naps at work helps employees feel rejuvenated and as a result, become more productive.

So many companies like Cisco and Google are using nap pods to help boost productivity.