Small Business Ideas for Families
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7 Easy & Profitable Small Business Ideas for Families

Have you ever thought about starting a business with your family? For many people, it’s not an ideal solution. While we all love our families, some people don’t want to be around them 24/7/365.

But running a business with your family also has plenty of benefits. You can work with those closest to you, be in something together, and build up to something for your future family members.

Starting a business is far from a walk in the park, as there are plenty of things that need to be taken into consideration. You have to go through the legal steps, find an ideal business, and assign roles to everyone.

Some business ideas are ideal mixes for family and below are some great ideas that you can consider when looking to start a family business.

7 Easy & Profitable Small Business Ideas for Families

1- Cooking and Catering

People are always wanted food catered: weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, birthday parties, etc. Maybe you want to pass on those family recipes or you just happen to have a gift for the kitchen. If so, why not turn that gift into a business?

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This business can be done from either the comfort of your own home or a separate store. Be prepared to work lots of nights and weekends.

Small Business Ideas for Families

2- Online Personalities

While bridging the gap between business and entertainment, starting a YouTube channel, Instagram account, or website is one way that plenty of families earn money or at the very least, a passive income.

While this idea may seem easy, it requires a ton of work and requires you to be more open about your personal life. More than likely you’ll need years before you can become successful, bringing in endorsements or becoming a serious influencer.

3- Real Estate

Real estate is a great business to get into because of the earning potential and consistently growing state. By and large, property prices are regularly increasing meaning real estate is a worthy investment.

One of the benefits of real estate or property management is being able to set your own hours. You get to choose when you work, who you work with, and where you’ll work. It’s a job that can be hard to break into but worth it nonetheless.

4- Childcare

When everyone else is heading to work and they need someone to watch their children, that’s where you can step up and start a childcare business. Many couples run daycare services out of their own homes or send upsetting shop in a more central location.

Daycares can be quite lucrative, as people want the best for their children and are willing to pay top dollar in order to do so.

5- Party Planning

Much like the catering business, you’re going to be working plenty of nights and weekends but it can be well worth it in the party planning business. One of the most popular avenues is working on wedding planning.

Wedding planning can be quite lucrative, as you’ll help take care of everything from the venue to the food itself.

6- Travel & Tour Business

Do you live in a popular city somewhere around the globe? If you’ve got plenty of tourists coming in, then this is your chance to capitalize on those visitors.

A tour business has lots of possibilities. Free tour businesses are becoming more and more popular, while bike tours are also catching on. If you are looking to service a more specific group of people, then you can check out bus tours or private tours.

profitable family business ideas

7- Restaurant

The family business that is the most tried and true, opening up a restaurant is an ideal business for just about any family.

It takes a lot to open up a restaurant. First and foremost, you’re going to want to have great food. You might have the best bookkeeping or managerial practices around, but no one is going to want to come unless you’re putting down mouth-watering plates in front of them.

8- Animal Care

If you’re a pet lover and live in a rural area or countryside, then why not consider starting an animal care business? That can mean a lot of different things depending on your location and availability. You can open up a kennel, start a dog walking business or a pet grooming store.

With so many options, it’s worth checking out. Just make sure that no one in your family has any secret pet allergies before starting out!

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