8 Reasons Why Online Businesses Must Consider Investing in Chatbots

You might have sometimes noticed that most of the popular online businesses these days have a chatbot. If you have used it, there are high chances that you understood the advantages of a chatbot has from the customer’s perspective.

Studies indicate that most of the online business, about eighty percent will have this chatbot software within the year 2020. So, what makes a chatbot feature, specifically messenger bot so attractive? How can online businesses profit from it? That is what this article discusses.

By the end of the article, you might be able to understand an online business can improve productivity and increase profits using chatbots. It’s not just about eCommerce store; in fact, services businesses can equally benefit from chatbot technology. For instance, if you run marketing company and want to boost your sales, the article will guide you whether you should add chatbot features to your platform and what impact will it create.

Read on to discover some good reasons to support the point of view. The usage of this chatbot yields many advantages. These shall be detailed below.

8 Reasons Why Online Businesses Must Consider Investing in Chatbots

1- Both the Audience and the Marketer Can Get an Easy Start with It!

The reason for this can be accounted to the Facebook messenger app. It is one of the most popularly used apps these days. Statistics reveal that about sixty-eight percent of the total app users use it. This makes the Facebook messenger app the world’s third most widely used app.

Are you amazed at this massive number of users for this app? Yes, it is thus counted as a top-rated app that people use. This app is used for various purposes. Many use it to interact with family and friends. There are even others that make the best use of it for undertaking their business.

If you have not yet thought on or explored the possibilities that these apps can have for your online marketing activities must surely take a moment or two for the necessary research.

2- Easily Accessible

A Nielson survey that was conducted recently reveals that people see messaging as a second-best method to communicate about their business. The result is that for every month, over a billion messages are passed through these apps that talk business.

3- Better than Maintaining Mobile Apps

If you still hesitate to the chatbot for your business and support mobile app instead of it, hear the shocking news. Most mobile app users, about seventy-one percent of them do not fancy keeping these apps on their devices for more than ninety days. There are high chances that these apps face a delete button within that short duration.

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4- Cheaper than Developing a Mobile App for Business

Much online business relies on building a mobile app for providing a quick and easy user interface. Though it is a good idea, the evolution of chatbots has demoted its advantages. Chatbots seem to be a much better alternative.

Also, considering an economic point of view, comparing the costs for maintaining a chatbot and constructing a mobile app, the former is cheaper. Creating and maintaining a mobile app requires enormous investment and takes up quite a quantum of your money. This is not so in the case of keeping chatbots. While making a comparison, the later looks good for your pocket.

5- Chatbots Reach Audience Quickly and Directly

There are better chances for the latter to work out if you compare the use of email marketing strategy and chatbots. The previous few years underlines the fact that the former has not yielded a big deal in taking your online businesses to great heights.The reason is that people nowadays prefer to access these apps like Facebook messenger.

Advertising in it makes it to be displayed to a more massive audience. Also, the customer need not even type, but touch a button to view more details of your ad. In this way, the online business is found to experience a more significant boost.

6- Save Money and Time on Customer Care

One of the significant drawbacks of maintaining customer care is that the clients require waiting for a long time on hold. Also, chatbots ensure a 24/7 information service to the customers.

A slight modification into automated service can provide the best customer service, which is cheaper and more reliable.

7- Identify Leads

With the involvement of chatbots, there are good chances for them to meet potential customers, identify their requirements, and ask them questions. This information can then be directed to your sales team.

8- E-commerce Transaction Handling is Easier

If programmed well, and scripted right, even the sales function can be handled by these bots. Thus, it carries out e-commerce transactions too.

Concluding Note

You might be now aware of what the chatbots can do to your online business. Not only does it make the functions easier, but it also boosts sales and revenues. You can earn huge profits with lesser investment. So, if you intend to run an online business or presently running one, consider the involvement of a chatbot.