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8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Accept Multiple Payment Methods

If you are in business and want to attract as many customers as possible a key priority should be to make the task of buying from you as easy as possible.

Offering great prices and great service are positive aspects but right up there amongst your list of favorable attributes should be a setup that offers customers a seamless and painless buying experience.

Here is a look at why customers love the convenience and what you can do to fulfill that requirement, including why credit card acceptance matters, what multiple payment options can do for your business and cash flow, and how you can compete online with the right approach.

1- Credit Card Payment is Essential

Paying by credit card is firmly entrenched amongst the buying public as a preferred method and the convenience of using a card to pay for your purchases is something that the vast majority of your customers will expect to be able to do.

Setting your business up with a facility like CBD merchant accounts will mean that you can make it easy for customers to complete their transaction with ease, whether they are paying online, in-store, or over the phone.

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Some industries are considered more high-risk than others when it comes to credit card payment processing and it can be difficult for new businesses to get a merchant account, but there are normally a few viable options that should mean you can get accepted and start taking card payments.

Convenience is a big motivation for customers and that’s why being able to accept credit card payments is so essential.

Without the ability to accept cards in your armory you could definitely be limiting your chances of converting a customer’s interest into a confirmed sale, and you run the risk of a potential new client turning to a competitor instead.

2- Increase Your Turnover

There is often a direct correlation between how many different payment methods you offer and increased revenue. You don’t ever want to face a scenario where you missed a sale because you couldn’t accept the preferred payment method that your customer wants to use.

Being able to accept all major credit cards is a prime example and your revenue should increase by a healthy percentage when you never have to say no to a customer when they are trying to pay.

3- Better Customer Service

Another key issue to consider is that when you make it as easy as possible for customers to pay you that should enhance your business reputation as a result of giving them great service.

4- Repeat Business

If the customer has enjoyed a positive experience with your business they are far more likely to return again to spend some more money with you.

When you give your customers the star treatment and allow them to pay you in any way they want it will very often encourage them to think of your business when they are in the market for another item that you sell.

5- Plan Your Business Expansion with Confidence

Any smart and modern business owner knows that the world of commerce is evolving rapidly and that means there are new ways to pay and different payment options being developed all the time.

Not that long ago it would have seemed inconceivable to be able to use your phone to make payments but that is just one example of how payment services are responding to customer convenience demands.

The last thing you want for your business is to get left behind by not offering as many convenient ways to pay as possible. By showing a willingness to accept multiple payment methods it should help you to get in with the task of expanding your business with a degree of confidence that you have payment options covered.

6- Raise Your Profile

What is amazing about online commerce, in particular, is the fact that a small business owner has the opportunity to compete on a much more level playing field these days than they could have done in the past.

Thanks to business tools like social media your business can compete for customers without having a massive advertising budget.

What adds to your credibility is the fact that advertising you accept all major credit cards shows that you are a merchant that can be trusted.

7- Reassurance for Your Customers

Another compelling reason why it is good to be able to accept multiple payment methods is the fact that when offering methods such as Apple Pay, for instance, you don’t have to store a customer’s credit card details.

This can be a big selling point for people who don’t like the idea of handing over sensitive data that might be stored in a database.

It is not just card security that persuades some customers to do business with you, there is also the ability to enjoy a fast checkout that can also seal the deal.

8- Great for Cash Flow

If you have been running a business for any period of time you probably won’t need reminding how important cash flow is to your business.

You need the cash flowing as smoothly and quickly as possible into your account so that you can pay suppliers and fund your future business plans.

A big advantage to accepting multiple payment options is that it allows for cash to come in from various different sources. In addition, technology now means that money can be in your account almost immediately in some circumstances.

If you want to maximize your business cash flow one of the main solutions to this requirement is to be able to accept payment in all sorts of different ways, from cash, to credit cards, and anything else that means the customer is never inconvenienced when they want to pay you.

The Bottom Line

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your credibility and professional image, open your mind to all the different ways that you can accept payment for your goods or services and see what a difference it makes to your turnover and future prospects.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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