8 SEO Essentials to Fulfill When Launching a New Business Website

Just as a pilot ticks off his checklist to ensure everything is function before take-off, a digital marketer should also have a checklist so that everything they post has the best chance to yield maximum results.

Even if you are not a full time digital marketer, but rather an entrepreneur ready to launch your dream business idea, knowing the items in this checklist will be great help to take your business to the new level.

Below is a list of the essential SEO checklist items for your new business website.

1- Pick the Right Focus Keyword

The first step is to find a focus keyword with maximum searches related to your content. For example, if I wish to write about toys for kids, I’ll need to know which words or phrases people are Googling.

Google Keywords Planner is a free tool that helps by providing valuable insights. Coming back to the aforementioned example, I may find out that the phrase ‘toys for small children’ receives the maximum searches.

2- It’s Time to Put on Your Detective Hat

No, I am not asking you to turn into a real detective. Switch to the ‘private’ mode of your browser, and look at the results on the first page in the Google search. These are your competitors, and you need a solid competitor analysis to find faults in their titles and descriptions carefully. Have they done anything wrong? Do you think you can do better?

Hire a company that provides SEO services in Adelaide for a detailed analysis of all your competitors’ websites. They will also give you additional tips to achieve better results.

3- Write Compelling Content

Now that you know what to write about and what your competitors have written, it’s time to write content that will add value to your users. Your content needs to be amazing, unique, engaging, and should tell stories. This is the most difficult part, and I would advise you to take the help of a professional.

4- Use the Keywords in the Page Title

This is one of the most obvious tips that anyone with the slightest knowledge of SEO can tell. You can use the same keyword or not (your wish).

When talking about the title, it should be exciting and catchy. For example, if you wish to write about ways to earn fast money, your title can be ‘5 Easy Ways To Earn Fast Money’. 

5- Use Internal Links

If you’re not promoting your own content, why would anyone else? For the best SEO results, it’s an excellent option to add internal links to some of your incredible work. Now that you’ve learnt about it, go back to your previous posts and add links to related content.

6- Get External Links

This is a big one – if other websites value your content, Google will automatically value it. It is similar to word of mouth marketing, where you may tell your friend about your new electronic gadget. Similarly, if other websites are promoting your content, Google will notice.

7- Use the Right Permalink Structure

Some websites still use structures that create URLs for pages using numbers, which looks unfriendly. Your URL should contain text that tells the users and Google about its content. Also, include the target keyword in this URL so that Google can properly rank your webpage.

8- Remove Elements That Slow Your Website Down

Today’s digital world is overly competitive where the user takes seconds to decide if he wants to stay on your website or not. What if your website takes ages to load? The user will go to some other site to find a solution to his problem. Thus, it is a good idea to remove anything that affects the speed of your website. If you’re not sure what’s wrong, an SEO company Adelaide can do it for you.

And Finally

Keep the points mentioned above in mind while posting anything on your website. You’ll not become an SEO expert by these, but you’ll be way ahead of the majority of your competitors.