8 Steps to Multiply Your Halloween Sales

Holiday season is the best of time of the year to engage your customers more than usual and as a result you can multiply your sales during the season.

Well, as it is best time for your startup or small business to make more profits, it is equal opportunity for your competitors. So, the trick is to be different and customize your business for the season.

In order to get better ROI on your Halloween marketing campaigns, you must move forward with a powerful strategy. This article will help you to device Halloween marketing strategy for your business to multiply sales during holiday season!


Here it goes step by step:

Step 1- Know the Holiday Shopping Behavior; it’s important to know the important stats, like when do people start shopping, when is the peak time and when it’s about to end. Knowing this will help you accelerate your campaigns accordingly. The image below explains it all!


Step 2- Have a Scary (Good) Sale; you must know that up to 40% of holiday shopping is completed by Halloween, so an amazing flash sale before Halloween is a must!


Step 3- Get Ready with Awesome Visuals; when it comes to engage your thriving community more than usual for your big sale, you need amazing visuals. Be sure to have all kinds and formats, i.e. engaging images, videos, and GIFs with call to action.


Step 4- Design Fixing & Placement; in fact you should develop visuals based on intended placement, i.e. which visual goes on your ecommerce/business website, which one will go in Instagram, email, blog posts and so on.

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Step 5- Exploit the Free Social Media; before doing anything, just remember that only a highly-engaged fan base is more likely to make purchases. Unlike other business portals, Facebook is most likely to bring orders, so highly focus on Facebook and Instagram.

Use all what excites the potential buyers, i.e.:

  • XX% discount
  • Bundle offers
  • Loyalty points
  • Coupons for future purchases
  • Contests

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Step 6- Do Not Forget Paid Advertising; yes, you do need it to let your message travel to a broader segment, but again you need to be wise on selecting the mediums. Never forget mobile ads!


Step 7- Leverage Email Marketing; send out email blasts for each offer, urge them to make purchase by sending reminders, tell them when an offer is about to end. Know your products/services well to craft urging messages accordingly!


Step 8- Invest More on Customer Support; remember, when you intend to multiply your sales, you must have to incur an extra effort. As a business that might be limited in its resources, having live chat on your site 24/7 (or 24/5) isn’t always a viable option, but what you can do is to have it for the season at least. Alternatively you can also offer phone support for extended hours.

As a small business or a startup, you may not have a high marketing budget, but you can always make sure to integrate the Halloween spirit into your business by letting your creativity serve the purpose!

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