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8 Strategic Suggestions for Result Oriented Instagram Marketing  

Instagram, for those of you who haven’t already encountered it, is a photo-based social media platform that’s enjoyed tremendous growth in just a few short years. It focuses on social interactions created through image sharing, and it’s a terrific way to reach younger audiences.

8 Strategic Suggestions for Result Oriented Instagram Marketing  

As with any social media network, the more Instagram followers you have, the more effective your marketing efforts will be. Use the following tips to attract a bigger audience and get more exposure for your brand.


1) Photo Quality Matters

While Instagram is designed as a casual photo-sharing network that has no restrictions on image quality, for the best results you want the clearest, crispest pictures you can get. This is especially important if you’re trying to establish a brand with a professional reputation.


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Snapping quick shots with the camera on your phone may not cut it in this arena; you’re better off using a DSLR to capture high-quality images. The greatest subject in the world isn’t going to win you a lot of followers if you share a poor photo of it.


2) Use Hashtags Intelligently

Thanks to Instagram’s enormous user base, the platform is constantly presented with an unending stream of fresh photos. To make your own posts stand out so that people can find them, you need to add relevant hashtags. Study the trending hashtags that are currently attracting the most attention on Instagram and use them if you have relevant images.


Don’t try to shoehorn your brand into tags where it doesn’t fit, though! If you go hunting for attention by targeting a trending hashtag, make extra sure that the photos you post will be appreciated by people looking for material related to the tag.


3) Communicate

With a social platform like Instagram, there’s very little separation between professional brands and individual consumers. Don’t be afraid of this; embrace it as an opportunity. When you’re first starting out, it can be especially useful to reach out to other Instagram users with established followings.


If you can get a conversation started, you may attract considerable attention from that user’s audience and possibly turn them into followers of your own.


4) Time Your Posts Properly

Instagram is a very fast-paced platform, and worldwide interest in certain topics ebbs and flows throughout the day. Study the established patterns of user traffic to determine when most activity is going on. (Lunch and breakfast times, for example, are particularly popular.)


You can use third-party tools to break the Instagram activity down into greater depth to match up certain interests with certain times of day. If you make your posts at the ideal time,  it becomes much easier to get them to trend. You can see the real Jarvee reviews to know further.


5) Post Frequently

A busy Instagram account with tons of followers is precisely that – busy. You need to add plenty of content to attract followers, and those followers can turn into a secondary promotional tool attracting more attention.


It all comes down to providing regular streams of fresh content. The more you post, the better you’ll do – it gets very difficult to keep your following together if you starve it of pictures.


6) Engage With Followers

If there’s one thing that can turn Instagram into a potent marketing tool for you, it’s treating the platform as a tool for starting conversations with your audience. Post worthwhile content to encourage your followers to comment.


When they do comment, feel free to respond in order to move the conversation forward. Followers who get into dialogues with you become highly engaged and are likely to stick with you for much longer.


7) Add Likes and Followers

There are a number of reasons that businesses should consider adding likes and followers to their Instagram profiles. For one thing, they make a site look more popular and in turn, it’s more likely that people will follow you.


Additionally, purchasing top quality Instagram likes may also help impact the social network’s algorithm and also maybe even Google’s too.


8) Always Keep Learning

There is a tremendous amount of useful social media marketing advice available on the internet. Lots of it is broadly applicable to Instagram, and some sites are specifically dedicated to providing Instagram marketing guidance.


Make sure you leave time in your schedule to studying the free resources available to you; this is a vital part of cultivating and refining your marketing skills.

9- The Bonus Tip: Trust is increasingly important on social media and ensuring your readers and followers feel comfortable you are the real deal is important. Getting verified on social media is a must. An Instagram social media verification service can help with this and is sure to show these folk that you are who you say you are

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