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8 Stress-Free Ways to Avoid Hassles When Shipping Holiday Gifts

Now that you have chosen and purchased Christmas gifts for your friends and family, it’s time to send them to their destination. To ensure that the gift is received in good condition, you need to be aware of ways to avoid shipping damage.

8 Stress-Free Ways to Avoid Hassles When Shipping Holiday Gifts

Read along to learn how you can send gifts to your loved ones without fear of damaging them.

1. Get the Right Gift

When buying someone a gift, consider if it’s the right gift for a specific person and how to mail it. Although there are many packing tricks to ensure the package’s safety during transit, avoid gifts that can break easily during the shipment. For example, shoes and toys can be shipped without any hassle.

Additionally, you should be aware of items that are restricted for mailing within your state. Inquire if the gift you want to send is among the things that cannot be mailed to you can change your choice before it’s too late.

2. Use Bubble Mailers

The Bubble Wrap technology was accidentally invented in 1957 by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes while trying to come up with a textured plastic wallpaper.

Most good-quality bubble mailers consist of paper exterior and bubble wrap in the interior. Due to their qualities, bubble mailers are the ideal material to ship your gift to offer maximum protection against the risk of shipping. Bubble mailers are cheaper as they require few postages, unlike shipping boxes.

Bubble mailers are suitable for various items. You can use them for mobile phones, jewelry, video games, among other items.

3. Use the Right Box

Ensure that the box you use is in the right condition. Use a new, firm box that is a bit larger than the gift on either side. It will create room for cushioning, protecting the gift from any damage.

According to the senior vice president of global marketing at FedEx, Scott Harkins, many people who ship not more than two packagers per year use the wrong sized box or an old box to save money, leading to gift damage. Ensure that the box does not have holes, dents, or water-damage.

Previous shipping labels cause uncertainty regarding the exact destination. In case you have to reuse a box, ensure to remove the previous label. Place a new label on top of the previous one to be clear of the destination.

4. Use High-quality Cushioning

To ensure the safety of the precious gift, use high-quality cushioning material. Cushioning material, made of polyethylene or polyurethane is ideal, unlike polystyrene material that can only withstand a single impact.

5. Take the Shake Test

Pack the gift well. Use not less than 1 inch of padding around the gift. This should be the case all around the item. Ideally, there should be less movement or none when the box is shaken.

Avoid using newspapers as cushioning material. It may become flat during the shipping hence not serve the purpose of suitable padding. However, newspapers are suitable material for wrapping fragile gifts. Ensure that the delicate gifts remain as far as possible from the box’s walls.

6. Use the Right Tape

Using the right tape ensures that the item remains intact within the box. The box remains sealed during the shipping process, enhancing the security of the gift. Do not use plastic or masking tape; neither should you use a rope as it can get loose easily.

7. Avoid Missed Packages

In case the recipients miss the package more than once, he/she must collect it from the shipping office. Consider sending the package to their workplace to avoid such incidents.

You should keep calling them to know whether the package was delivered or to inform them when to expect the gift.

8. Get Help

If you are not sure how to pack your item, you can always call the shipping company for help. Expert help can be of much importance, especially since you are sending it via mail. The packing services cost depends on the company and the size of the item. Your item is also automatically protected in case of any damage during transit.

After purchasing and successfully packing the gifts, how they reach the desired destinations matters a lot. The gifts should get there on time and in good condition. Ensuring that all the safety measures are met, be sure to invest your time and money in the above way, and you will not regret it.

We hope these tips will help you send your gifts stress-free during this holiday season.

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