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8 Tips to Facilitate Good Health at Workplace

One of the major health issue at workplace is that the workday often becomes so hectic and harried that people have little time to stop and eat, and if they are able to grab a bite, it tends to be something unhealthy. Considering that many of these same people spend the bulk of their day figuratively chained to a desk, it is not surprising that weight gain is among their chief complaints.

How can this problem be tackled, especially when you are the business owner and you cannot risk the drop in organizational productivity due to health issues of your employees?

The ideas and advice that follow below can help you make healthy living surprisingly compatible with the workplace grind.

1- Wean yourself from coffee:

This is no joke! While caffeine has the ability to produce a short-term jolt of energy, the resulting and inevitable crash can be most unpleasant. As a result, focus, sharpness and productivity can really suffer, and a merry-go-round of coffee dependence can ensue. With the passage of time, fatigue and lethargy can take hold, which is something nobody wants.

Work on drinking water as a substitute and eating a piece of fruit such as an orange to get the added boost of energy. It should be noted that caffeine has a strong diuretic effect and is irritating to the stomach, causing many to feel quite sick after drinking it. Though it is certainly true that many view coffee as a key part of the day, it makes a big difference for the better to find a healthier alternative.

This is particularly true for coffee drinkers who add large amounts of sugars and fats to their drinks. Those who come up with a suitable alternative to this potentially detrimental habit will be rewarded tremendously.

2- Make sure healthy snack options are always close at hand:

My husband has found healthy snack options to be extremely valuable advice. He tends to have cut vegetables, nuts, fruits, hummus and nut butters always at the ready while at work. Because he arrives on the job at an early hour and does not usually eat lunch until 1:00 or so, having a snack along the way maintains proper blood glucose levels and keeps him from overeating when the midday meal does arrive. The portion control and food choice outcomes are much more sensible as a result.

He also allows himself a snack between 3 and 4 to stave off afternoon sluggishness, something which maintains his satiety until it is time for dinner. If you do not have access to a refrigerator at the office, some simple planning can make things easier. Just bring a small portion of a food item that will not spoil, something like nuts, apples or bananas. Try to stick to natural items and avoid processed foods such as sugar-laden granola bars.

3- Make smart choices for breakfast and lunch:

Lots of folks have their first and second meals of the day while at work, and all too often, they eat things purchased from food trucks, delis and the like. This is okay to do, but it is necessary to exercise good sense and caution along the way. Instead of choosing a fried egg sandwich in the morning, try to find some healthy oatmeal with some berries or almonds on top. Green smoothies and egg-white omelets can also be great choices, even on the go.

It should not be terribly difficult to find healthy lunchtime options, with many workplace cafeterias and neighborhood restaurants seeking to cater to a more health-conscious constituency. If possible, consider bringing lunch from home, because that offers the greatest control over what you eat, but if that is impractical, make sure to look for dining spots that provide the sound dietary options your lifestyle requires.

4- Always make sure to drink enough water:

Importance of water cannot be denied. Hydration ensures high energy levels and also helps prevent overeating. It is common for people to assume they are suffering from hunger when in fact they are simply thirsty. And yes, make sure that you have access to clean drinking water in your office; if it is not the case, it’s better to carry your water bottle to workplace.

5- Moving around is never a bad idea:

If you begin to feel yourself getting sleepy at work, consider standing up, going for a walk and gaining some exposure to the sun. Your muscles will get some much-needed exercise, and your blood flow will also improve. The end result will be a renewed sense of energy for the remainder of your day. Shun the elevators and use the stairs when possible. Park further from the door than you might otherwise do, and stand up while on phone calls to keep the body energized and engaged.

6- Interaction with others is key:

This does not mean get on the computer and post messages to social media sites. Rather, you need to get out of your chair and engage in actual conversations with other human beings. Research suggests that interactions of this sort work to lower stress levels and boost overall contentment. This can effect a real improvement in attitudes at the workplace, where collaboration and friendship are extremely important.

7- Know & fix the bad habits:

Workplaces can breed a lot of bad habits, whether its people going to the pub after work, or people going outside for a smoke. Avoiding these can help. If you’re a smoker you can also cut down with the benefit of Cran apple ejuice flavours – meaning that you can get on the road to turning something potentially negative into a positive.

8- Establish a series of achievable goals:

A great way to generate enthusiasm and interest in advance of each workday is to come up with some reachable, yet inspirational goals. Being able to cross things off of a to-do list over the course of a day can be extremely satisfying, not to mention motivational. The increase in productivity that can come from such a strategy may be surprising indeed. If you succeed in meeting your day’s objective, consider giving yourself a little reward such as a walk break, some music or some reading for pleasure.

The Bottom Line:

Considering how much time we all spend each day in the workplace, it makes sense to transform it into somewhere we truly like to be. By putting the ideas mentioned above into action, it is possible to lead a more fulfilling, energized and healthful life yourself and setting workplace guidelines based on the above can help all of your employees to have better health.

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