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8 Tips to Optimize Your Instagram and Maximize Sale 

Indeed, Instagram is the latest social media platform that you must master in order to grow your brand faster. Even Teenagers are gaining millions from using and cruising Instagram. In the past two years, the users of Instagram have doubled to around 800 million. More than 80% of users follow more than one brand. In the United States, 70% of the business owners boom their trade with the use of Instagram.

Indeed, Instagram is a great tool to increase sale and profit. However, not everyone uses Instagram for their business.

Thus, here are some tips that you can try to monetize your Instagram page and or to grow your business:

1- Optimize your Instagram Bio

In your bio section, make sure that you design and informative one. The avatar that you choose must be eye-catching. Such is one of the recommendations of Ascend Viral. Overall, your profile must tell people the business that you are offering to them. On your bio, use keywords or hashtags that will help strangers to figure out easily what type of business you are offering to them.

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2- Use the Bio Link Appropriately

The bio section is important. You can use this part wisely by putting a strong call to action. This is where you instruct your visitors to do something. Use around 150 characters in the bio section. Have a snappy direction that will work for the best of your business.

3- Have Some Authentic Content

Your business will thrive for the best when it has authentic content. Avatar maker, instant snapshots, even with poor lighting, are best than professional and edited photos. Thus, user-generated content will work nicely along the way.

4- Opt for the Appropriate Hashtags

In Instagram, hashtags are your best friends. With hashtags, users can find new people and new things by typing even a few keywords only. Thus, it is essential to find the right hashtag for each of your post. Mix words in your post and see the recommended hashtag for you.

5- Have Contests

One of the reasons why people use Instagram is because of entertainment. Also, it is a social media platform that will help people escape from reality quickly. To check on this audience behavior, you can try gamification.

Enabling your visitors to get involved in a contest is one of the effective methods to build your brand market and message.

6- Optimize the Stories

In your stories, always use the location and the hashtag stickers. If you can get enough visitors to engage in your stories, then you can have them explore your page as well.

7- Post Albums

Are you having awesome content on the stories? Do you wish to share it with your regular Instagram audience? Then, you can archive your awesome stories post and put them in the album on your profile. With this, the stories can live on for a long period of time.

8- Put your Customers on the Spotlight

Put your customers on the spotlight. According to Ascend Viral,your followers and even the non-followers can increase your page’s engagement. As you tag them in the caption, they will receive a notification and check your Instagram page.

The Bottom Line:

Instagram marketing is a great way to increase your sales, but it requires parallel effort and constant updates and tweaks in your marketing strategy. I am sure, by the time you are done with the above actions, you already know when and how to make the next tweak.

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