8 Tips to Retain Your Work Energy & Regain it Faster When Needed

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an on job executive, work is often hard on the body and energy levels can sag – hence the need to look after yourself. Here are some tips to maintain and regain (in case if you are feeling low) more of work energy and stay highly productive.

1- Filter out Decisions

People only have enough energy to make a certain number of decisions within a single day.  By making too many decisions, you will begin to experience “decision fatigue“.  It has been found that using a scheduler you can find ways to reduce unnecessary decisions, such as eating the same breakfast each day.

2- Being Friends with Co-Workers

Reports show that if you get to know your co-workers, you will live longer – possibly because you will have less of a desire to kill all of them.  Best of all, if you get to know your co-workers, you may discover an “at work BFF”.  This person will be able to make you feel less anxious at work, even on those days when everything seems to be going wrong.

Bored Emplaoyees In Business Meeting

3- A Smarter Diet

If you do not eat enough protein, it is likely that you will begin to experience low levels of energy.  According to well-known Lifehacker writer, Jason Fitzpatrick, a diet that comprises primarily of carbohydrates is a recipe for a constant cycle of blood-sugar lows and highs with the accompanying feelings of exhaustion.  Fitzpatrick notes that if the carbohydrates are the kindling of a person’s metabolism, then protein would be the slow-burning wood that keeps them going.  To gain more protein, he recommends eating peanut butter, eggs, and some protein powder. Fulvic minerals can also be a help.

4- Do Not Strain Your Eyes

Are you feeling any of these symptoms?

– Sore, burning, tired or itching eyes

– Dry eyes

– Watery eyes

– An increased sensitivity to light

– Double or blurred vision

– Difficulty in focusing

If you are experiencing these, then it is possible that you may have eye strain.

5- Move More during the Day

We do not need to yield to the sedentary death that awaits people who constantly sit in their seats.  This detrimental end can be avoided by engaging in more movement during the day, such as walking to meetings.

6- Engineering a Nap

Leo Widrich, the co-founder of Buffer, takes a nap at 3 pm each day and has done so each day for two years.  He states that this provides him with two days in one and is highly productive.

7- Have Restful Weekends

If you find your weekends are stressful, it is unlikely that you will be restored on a Monday morning.  Non-work hassles will exhaust a person’s emotional resources; therefore, it is important that you learn how to chill over a weekend.

8- Make Breaks Part of the Day

Contrary to belief, humans are not robots and require breaks to do their best work.  It is recommended that a person take a break every 90 minutes to be productive.


I am sure, with these tips you can retain more of your work energy and regain it faster in case if you are feeling low at work.