8 Trade Show Gift Ideas That Will Help You Generate Leads

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Even in this digital age, there is still plenty of room for analog marketing techniques. When it comes to providing opportunities to promote your brand face-to-face with the largest number of prospective new clients in one place, at one time, few strategies can compare to trade shows and industry conferences.

While exhibiting at such events usually carries a price tag, the chance to press the flesh with hundreds, if not thousands of relevant, qualified leads can deliver outstanding returns. The trick is to maximize traffic to your stand for the greatest exposure. One of the keys to drawing in leads is great tradeshow giveaways. In a crowded hall, cool swag can help you stand out from the crowd.

Here are a few ideas for products that will grab their attention:

1- Reusable Coffee Cups

Everybody loves their daily cup of coffee, yet disposable coffee cups are a major environmental issue, contributing millions of tons of waste every year. Your prospective clients will love the chance to enjoy their java in their personal reusable coffee cup while helping to protect the environment.

2- Apparel

What better way to promote your brand than to have people wear it around? T-shirts, polo-shirts or baseball caps emblazoned with your company logo will be a surefire hit and will ensure continued exposure even when the conference is a distant memory.

3- Promotional Lanyards

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All attendees will receive the standard lanyard with their name tags. What better way to stand out than to replace them with custom branded lanyards with your branding? They are cost effective will attract plenty of attention.

4- Food, Glorious Food

Just like bees to honey, attendees invariably swarm when there is food on offer. Branded mints, candies, chocolates, cookies and other treats will be a huge hit. Most promotional product companies will offer a range of options to choose from so you are sure to find the right flavour of the month.

5- Techno Power

With the world so permanently connected to their laptops, phones and tablets, there will be no shortage of people that will leap at the opportunity to grab a giveaway that gels with their techno-centric lifestyle. Items such as flash drives, phone accessories, USB hubs and other items can all be printed with your logo for exceptional branding power.

6- Have Swag, Will Travel

Many of the attendees at your trade show have likely traveled some distance to get there; perhaps from overseas. It, therefore, makes sense to consider branded travel items as giveaways. This is something that not too many companies think of and can be a practical gimmick that will give you an edge. Eyemasks, earplugs, travel pillows, luggage locks, and other items will all be put to very good, immediate use.

7- In the Bag

Many exhibition guests end up lugging armfuls of brochures and catalogues around, so they will undoubtedly love to have a good quality bag to pop them all into for convenience. The array of bags available for promotional purposes is quite staggering. From simple canvas totes, all the way through to high-quality, leather travel bags there really is something for everyone.

8- Great Outdoors

For something a bit different, perhaps you could try an outdoor or leisure item? These can tend to be a bit pricier but will make a huge impact. Something like a picnic set or cheese set might be reserved for special clients. Conversely, a pocket knife or small flashlight could provide a nice touch.


Whatever you select for your next show, we hope you’ll make a huge splash and end up busy following up all those leads!

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