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8 Ways for Any Business to Go Green

Times are changing. Eco-friendliness is now expected from all businesses. Start-ups are cut no slack here. So how can you shape up your ecological footprint?

Here, we will take a look at some of the easiest and most effective ways to make the office green as can be. 

1- Start Small

Going green can be a daunting task at first. Luckily there are a few quick ways to get the ball rolling. Take a walk around the office and keep an eye out for any un-green activity. Are the recycling bins in an easy to access place? Are there lights or appliances that can be powered off more often?

Start small and go from there. Any difference we can make is invaluable. So let’s first start by tackling the obstacles we can overcome most easily. Later, we will look at more systematic changes we can make.

2- Make it Fun

Luckily, today it is easier than ever to stay environmentally friendly. There is a vast network of companies and products dedicated to conservation and recycling. Consider ordering wholesale aluminum water bottles for the office. 

A product like this accomplishes a number of goals. Right off the bat, you have made a conscious decision to do your part as a citizen of the world. Not to mention, your office will no longer be filled with empty water bottles. Secondly, this product is customizable and can easily display your company’s name. With all employees having this item in common you can expect a boost in team spirit within the office.

3- Bring in An Expert

Today there are companies who specialize in modernizing work spaces to make them as energy efficient as possible. This investment should be heavily considered.

There is no excuse to not have your office up to today’s environmental standards. Plus, less energy consumption means a lower monthly electricity bill. This investment often ends up paying for itself. 

4- Research 

Are the companies you associate with doing their part in environmental conservation? These are the tough questions we must ask ourselves. Partner companies should be held to the same standards that we hold for ourselves. 

Consider searching for more environmentally aware partners. For instance, at, they prioritize treating people’s waste in an environmentally sound manner like finding ways to recycle it. This is the only responsible move we can make. Luckily, environmental friendliness often indicates a responsible and trustworthy business worth your consideration.  

5- Go Paperless

Paperless is the future. In fact, many will now view a company who relies on paper communication as outdated. Let’s join the paperless movement and communicate via email and other online platforms.

Although for some it may be impossible to go completely paperless, lets try our best to cut paper waste when we can. Some popular strategies include double side printing and exploring recycled paper options. 

6- Spread Awareness 

Once you have done your part, think about how you inspire the same behavior in others. We can’t take on this challenge alone. Think about setting up a monthly environmental focused meeting.

This allows everyone to check in and see how the office is progressing in its environmental work.

7- Skip The Commute 

Are there any in-office meetings or events that could have been held online? Every time we commute we pollute. Let’s use the internet as the great tool that it is. No need to add to transportation pollution when we can get so much accomplished remotely. 

8- Stay Positive 

This process at times may feel like fighting an uphill battle. The stakes are very high and in many ways the odds are set against us. Yet, We have the power to change the situation if we take accountability and face our obstacles head on. If all offices across the world follow these steps, we can begin to take the first steps to creating a healthier planet. 

The Bottom Line

Becoming a green business is not only a social responsibility, but also contributes to your business growth to a greater extent. Having green and eco-friendly practices in place, your business can quickly achieve minimal or no waste of resources which will ultimately contribute to increase efficiency and profitability of the business.

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