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8 Ways for Seniors to Stay Relevant in the Startup Economy

Whoever said start-ups are a young man’s game? Today, the workforce is more diverse than ever. The average office is made up of people from across all age groups and in fact many small business startups find it beneficial to hire older employees.

So how should seniors keep up with their younger colleagues? 

It is in fact not too difficult and with few quick changes seniors can stay very much relevant to startups and grow.

Here, we will take a look at some essential tips for hard-working seniors. 

8 Ways for Seniors to Stay Relevant in the Startup Economy

1- Engage the Senior Community 

You may not be part of the largest demographic in the business community, but this doesn’t mean that you are alone. Across the globe, there are seniors leading businesses in every city.

This can be used as a great point of connection with new partners. In many ways, you are a member of an exclusive club. Use this bond to your advantage.

2- Know Your Rights

In many businesses, there are specific rules in place regarding age. In some companies, you even have the right never to disclose your age if you wish. Let your work speak for itself.

3- Share Your Wisdom

Age is a gift, not a curse. There is no way around it; you have been at this much longer than the twenty-something hotshot who just joined the company.

You have seen the economy rise and fall, and you have watched the marketplace change dramatically over the years. This life experience is invaluable. Don’t be afraid to remind those around you.

4- Take Care of Senior Costs

Unfortunately, some costs only affect the senior community. It is no easy conversation to have, but plans for end of life care are essential to anyone who wants their business to be their legacy. According to Aaron H. from Secure Senior Life Insuranceit is never too late to sign up for coverage.

The time is now! We owe it to our family and our business to not leave them in financial ruin.

5- Break the Stereotype 

As a senior, you confront many challenges that younger colleagues simply do not face. It is essential to handle these professionally and perhaps discreetly.

There is a false stereotype that older employees do not think as clearly or perform as efficiently as younger workers. It is up to you to prove this wrong. Let your health shine and let everyone know.

6- Engage With Younger Colleagues

We often end up reflecting those we spend our time with most. Although it may be hard at first, always try your best to reach out to younger employees. You will be surprised at how much you can learn about the younger generations in just one conversation.

This can be an excellent exchange for both parties. You will learn about the lingo and culture of the youth, and your partner can gain some of your wisdom and insight.

7- Don’t Fake It

No one likes a phony. Be confident in your age, and wear it with pride. Do not try to put on the personality of a younger person. Most will see right through this, and you may end up working against yourself. 

8- Know the Battlefield 

Every year, a countless number of recent college graduates enter the workforce. This group is especially hungry to get their foot in the door. They will do everything they can in their power to get the job they want, including going after your position.

Try your best not to take this personally and perhaps think back to the times when you were first starting. Try and show these newcomers some compassion; it will take you much further than the competition. 

Bottom Line

You didn’t make it this far by chance. You are here for a reason. You have lived and experienced more than anyone else in the building, So why stop now?

Which of these tips will you try first?

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