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8 Weekend Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Focus on relaxation, family, and fun is the most justified explanation of ‘weekend’, but for successful entrepreneurs, things are bit different. Successful entrepreneurs as they work longer hours than anyone else, know the fact that they have to fuel again, so they think bigger!

Instead of simply using the weekend for just leisure time, they plan ahead of time to help the next work week go more smoothly.

As a fact of the matter, the route to success for a few entrepreneurs is not something that everyone follows, and obviously, it’s not a hard & fast rule for you to follow the same path to greatness. But by gaining the insights of how successful people do things can help you plan your path to success.


So, here in this article, I am going, to sum up all my research on how successful entrepreneurs spend their weekends.

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1- They Get Enough Sleep:

Most of the times, we go beyond the schedule on weekends with a feeling of “no problem, it’s the weekend”. For successful entrepreneurs, the weekend is the best time to get enough sleep, because they need to be in full energies on “Monday Mornings”.


Everyone needs a different amount of sleep, but it’s it must be 6.5 to 7.5 hours. It’s a proven fact from various studies that too little sleep causes significant problems with brain function and affects decision-making, mood etc.

It’s probably the first and most important habit to correct; get enough sleep on weekend and never feed “Monday Blues”.

2- They Make Sure Weekend is for Fun:

Interviews of various successful entrepreneurs revealed that they spend weekends playing with their children, doing an art project, enjoying time with a spouse, or just going for a walk in nature and taking in the birds and scenery.


Fun should never be excluded from your routine because it helps you clear your mind and come back to the office feeling refreshed. Take the weekend to relax, unwind and pursue your hobbies!

3- No devices for a Day:

Taking a break from gadgets is a great way to get back to the physical world and get connected to people in real. Constantly checking emails, frequently using social media and browsing drains both your energy and your creativity.


Turn off your gadgets on Saturday, stay away from frequent social media visits, avoid responding to emails on the day and you will feel an amazing relief that will last the next whole week!

4- Spend Time in Solitude:

Giving time to yourself is as important as giving time to your family. You need to get connected to your inner self and think, sort out problems and plan where you want to be in the future.


For most of the successful entrepreneurs, spending time with yourself alone is an excellent way to answer their major problems, discovering new goals and insight into your direction for the future. Some use solitude for reading good books, other take a long walk, while some just relax sitting and thinking!

5- Find Balance:

The weekend is the best time to learn something new or strategize the next big thing. Whether you are looking for work-home balance for the next week or planning a scalable growth for your business, the weekend is the perfect time to strategize things.


You may analyze your past weekends and avoid the unpleasant stuff, think about simplifying things and you will find a balance!

6- Socialize More:

Though entrepreneurs are already very social people, connected to many key people of various companies over LinkedIn and other networks, they are always looking for informal social meetups to learn something new, have fun and refresh the soul with new thoughts.

socialize more

The weekend is the best time to catch up with friends and friends of friends over a BBQ, breakfast or coffee!

It helps not just in making your weekend more happening but also giving you new directions and ideas for growing your business!

7- Plan the Next Week on Sunday Night:

Most of us any people don’t think about the work week until it’s upon us, but successful entrepreneurs don’t do it the same way.


Yes, planning everything from the outfits for the next week to deciding who will pick up the kids, from new revenue model exploration to follow up on pending leads, phone calls follow-up and face-to-face meetings, they set everything the night before the week starts!

8- They tend to be Flexible:

Yes, they love to take every weekend off, but they are prepared to work when the right opportunity comes along. It’s very much understandable that the growing business may demand weekend sacrifice, and successful entrepreneurs make sure that they are available when needed, else they dedicate the tasks to some relevant person!


It’s very dissimilar to popular belief, that successful entrepreneurs are nerds who keep on working 24/7 like a machine. Majority of them ensure spending quality time with their families, pursuing hobbies, and recharging their mental batteries on weekends.

Unfortunately, we rarely appreciate the power that habits can have in transforming our lives. But, if you are serious about taking your business to next level, you must consider giving these weekend habits a try in order to set yourself up for a successful venture!

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