8 Weirdest & Surprising Apps Doing Great Business

Mobile apps are big business. Millions of people around the world now work in the “App Economy”, and fortunes can be made overnight with the next great business idea, or lost just as quickly with a stinker. With thousands of new apps hitting the online stores every day, competition is fierce between app development companies striving to create new and exciting experiences for users.

Sometimes, however, things get taken just a little bit too far, and the result is an app that leaves us scratching our heads. We thought it would be worth taking a lighter look at some of the more eccentric apps around. Some are utterly pointless; others are surprisingly ingenious, all are weird and wonderful. So, without further ado, here are our picks.

1- Run and Pee

There is nothing worse than squirming in your theatre seat with a bursting bladder because you’re too FOMO to use the bathroom midway through the movie and miss anything juicy. Run and Pee will alert you when there is an impending lull in the action, so you know the best time to run and answer nature’s call. It will even fill you in on what you missed. Genius!

2- Places I’ve Pooped

Sticking with the potty theme for the moment (and then I promise, we’ll move on), Places I’ve Pooped has taken your bowel movements social. That’s right; you can drop a pin at every place you’ve made a number twos and then share it with your peeps to compare respective fecal footprints.

3- Paper Racing

Ok, I lied. We’re staying in the toilet for just one more. Paper Race allows you to compete against your friends to see who can unravel a roll of digital toilet paper the fastest. That’s it. I’m not entirely sure why, but people apparently love this totally pointless, one-dimensional game.

4- Confession

Feeling a little bit guilty for all the toilet humor? Why not confess your iniquities with Confession. Tell the app why you’ve been a naughty boy or girl and you will receive your virtual penance and absolution via your mobile device. Best of all, the app is officially sanctioned by the Catholic Church, so you know you’ve got a direct line to The Big Guy in the Sky.

5- Perfect365

Who can honestly say that they have never had a secret urge to apply makeup to their pets’ faces. I know I have. Until now, the thought of the furious claws of vengeance was enough to dissuade me from this folly. However, with this app, I can decorate with glee. Simply take a photo of your little fur ball and the app’s face recognition technology help you to safely apply the right colors to eyes, lips and even slap on an attractive wig.

6- K Blocker

This one is actually brilliant – It’s an app that blocks all Kardashian-related content from Safari. Personally, I think it should come standard on all devices. Hopefully, they will also come up with a similar app for Bieber, and then my life will be so much more complete.

7- Demotivational Pics

Sick of those corny motivational posters? This app will bring you right back down to earth with downer images and messages that will be sure to burst your bubble big time.

8- Stephanie

The ultimate messaging app, the sole purpose of which is to message an actual girl named Stephanie and ask her stuff. If Stephanie is not your speed, try her brother, Ethan, who has his own identical app. These people clearly have too much time on their hands.

The Bottom Line:

We hope you’ve enjoyed our journey through the weird and the wonderful, and may be you will find an app business idea that becomes the next big thing.