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9 Best Promotional Giveaways to Boost Your Marketing

We all see businesses distribute promotional products such as pens and thumb drives. But are they really successful? Eight in 10 customers own at least one promotional product and some own as many as 10!

There are many reasons to implement a promotional product strategy into your marketing campaign. You can give them to clients as gifts and distribute them during events and conventions. You can also distribute them to employees.

But what are the best and most useful promotional products that you should always have in stock? Here are the 9 best promotional giveaways that your customers and employees will love.

The 9 Best Promotional Giveaways: Put Client and Employee Retention on Lock!

Some promotional products are good for a one-time event and others you should always keep on hand. These 9 products are sure to delight!

1. Earbuds

Stereotypical promotional products flood the industry. But one of the more unique options is earbuds. Everyone can use earbuds. Instead of shelling out lots of money for them, give some to your clients as a gift.

Earbuds have gained popularity because they are more modern looking and have sophisticated audio capabilities. You don’t need to pay top dollar for these wireless earbuds, best check out MusicCritic’s list of the best sounding in-ear headphones or earbuds that are under $50.

Earbuds are also perfect for all occasions — whether people listen to music at the gym or while traveling, everyone can always pull out their earbuds when they want to jam out.

These also make great gifts for your employees. 85% of employees enjoy listening to music while they work. Jamming some tunes on these earbuds will make them happy and boost their productivity.

2. Branded Pens

Okay, these are probably the most stereotypical of the promotional products.

But they still reign as one of the most useful branded products out there. Even in our digital age, everyone can use a pen. High-quality promotional pens are a simple gift that anyone can carry around or display at their desk.

This is why the branded pen is one that every company should keep on hand. Your employees can use them around the office, you can give them to customers to write or sign documents. Your customers always remember your brand when they use your pen.

3. Stress Reliever Balls

No matter what life you live, everyone endures stress. A stress reliever ball is one of the healthiest ways to relieve any pent up anxiety. Fortunately, it’s easy to create a branded stress reliever ball.

Pass them out to clients and always have plenty of stress relievers at the office in case someone is having a bad day. Who said stress reliever balls have to be used to release aggression? Kids love playing with stress relief balls. They also make great toys for pets!

4. USB Thumb Drives

In our technological world, the simple tech gifts go the farthest. That’s why you should always have some USB thumb drives on hand.

Your customers can store vital documents and files so they take them wherever they go. Your branding will be printed on the thumb drive so your customers will always remember your company.

You can also store marketing materials on your branded USB thumb drives. When your customers plug in the thumb drive, they can view your product and service information and learn all about your brand.

5. Koozie

Another successful branded product is the koozie because everyone can use a koozie. Your customers can always keep their drinks cool and a koozie always prevents them from holding a cold cup or a cold can.

Koozies are also the perfect addition to any company outing, event, or party. Koozies are also very versatile. You can make a traditional cup koozie or a koozie that fits a larger beverage such as a water bottle.

6. Mug

Like a koozie, everyone can use a mug. They keep coffee hot, tea the perfect temperature, and are the staple cup for hot chocolate. Because of this, you’ll always receive success with a branded mug, no matter what business you own.

Branded mugs are not only perfect for your customers but also your employees. They can fill up their coffee mugs all day, enjoying a fresh cup of Joe while at their desk. But be mindful of the mug’s quality. The last thing you want is your customers burning their fingers on a mug made of cheap ceramic.

7. T-Shirts

No one will deny a free shirt. Some may wear your branded t-shirt daily. Others may only wear them to bed. Either way, t-shirts are a successful advertising tool.

You can customize a t-shirt in a myriad of ways; you can simply add your business logo or use your business slogan. You can also make limited edition t-shirts for a brief campaign, such as a new product launch.

No matter what design you choose, make them stylish. Print them in unique colors and see if you can offer different t-shirt styles, such as a tank top or a V-neck.

8. Buttons

Do you want a product that customers can wear but don’t have the budget for shirts? Buttons are another great alternative! You can wear a branded button on any shirt. They’re also perfect to wear during events and conferences.

But you need to ensure the buttons stand out. Include a catchy slogan and use a company mascot, if you have one. Your customers will want to wear buttons that look stylish and not basic. See products like these for more inspiration.

9. Chargers and Power Banks

Everyone owns a smartphone these days. Therefore, everyone needs a charger — especially those who are constantly on their phone. Invest in both Apple and Android charger to ensure everyone is happy.

In addition to a charger, invest in a power bank. These are external batteries that can charge your phone when an outlet isn’t around. You charge the power bank separately and then plug in your phone when your phone needs more juice.

Branding Is Easy With Promo Products!

The best promotional giveaways are useful and will help boost company recognition. These products will ensure you get your name out there!

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