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What a Business Should Know About Media Planning and Buying

Did you know that at least 48% of the world’s population uses social media? This must be sweet news to the ears of marketers.

All these people on social platforms represent prospects. With the proper marketing strategies, you can turn them into loyal clients.

But, having many people on different social platforms has its challenges. Marketers often have to perform the delicate task of balancing the campaign efforts across all social platforms. It’s quite challenging to track the impact and success of the marketing strategies across all the platforms.

But that’s where social media planning and buying come in. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Media Planning?

This is a process by which marketers determine when, where, and the frequency at which they will run an advertising campaign. The end goal of media planning is to increase the organization’s ROI and maximize engagement.

In media planning, marketers split their advertising budget and resources among a variety of offline and online channels. This is integral to the success of a marketing campaign effort in today’s competitive environment.

Media planning assists marketers to serve prospects/clients with the right message on the right channel and at the opportune time.

Media Planning and Buying

Media planning

will help you design a plan for the marketing camping. For this campaign to be successful, you need the best ad space for conveying your message.

Media buying refers to the process of identifying these spaces across multiple channels and then purchasing them for the implementation of the media plan.

Hiring a marketing team for media planning and buying is preferable when you don’t have the expertise in this field. These professionals will help you evaluate platforms that suit your marketing efforts, negotiate costs and rates for the campaign, and implement strategies that are in tandem with the media plans.

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Media Buying Strategies

Media buying leverage some popular strategies in most cases. Professionals have tried and tested these methods for some time, and they have yielded impressive results. One of the popular methods that you might be familiar with is media buying on TV and radio.

Although we live in the digital age, TVs and radios still have sway over people’s perceptions of brands. People watch TV and listen to the radio all the time on their smartphones. Advertising your brand on these platforms can create a powerful connection with prospects that transforms them into repeat clients.

Another popular platform is social media. Consumers nowadays don’t rely upon search engines alone when they are looking to make a purchase.

They scour through social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook looking for products that they desire. Placing your adverts strategically on these platforms will boost your sales.

Some of the other strategies include:

  • Manual bidding
  • Real-time bidding
  • Direct buys

Boost Your Marketing Campaign

Technological advancements have made it easier for marketers to expand their reach. And the good news is that more people are on social platforms, so finding a target group isn’t that difficult.

But the competition is also intensifying, as anyone can reach prospects. Prospects too, have a variety of options to choose from.

Implementing media planning and buying strategies can give you an edge over your competitors. You’ll improve your sales output. Discover more informative articles by browsing through the website.


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