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A Full Breakdown of Virtual Offices and How They Can Help Your Business

Whether you’re planning a move into the Singaporean market, or you’re already there, you might have heard about remote work and virtual offices as cost effective options. Though a home office setup can be cheaper than these, but virtual office looks more professional and in some cases law may not allow you a home office, so virtual office sounds effective then.

Remote and virtual offices are the two trends that have really taken off in Southeast Asia, most likely due to the transient characters the continent attracts. With so much space and nature to explore, it’s no wonder that people don’t want to be tied down.

For businesses, the chance to adopt flexible work routines can develop into a major asset. If you’re not constantly tied to one physical address, you can go where the opportunities are. You can chase big deals, infiltrate new markets, and adapt to fit a broad variety of client needs. The point is that flexibility leads to greater stability and virtual offices are just the start.

This guide to virtual workspaces will tell you how they operate, why they are special, and what they can do for your business.

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No Wasted Time

Whether you’re a solo-preneur or the head of a small team, utilizing Servcorp’s virtual offices in Singapore allow you to cut out wasted hours. Essentially, a virtual office is everything, but the physical office environment and even this is not entirely accurate. Most facilities do provide fully equipped, physical suites.

The idea is that tenants work primarily from their own environments. So, for example, a graduate trying to launch a startup venture could continue to operate from home or a public space like a coffee shop, but with the added support of a real, physical address.

The benefits of this are numerous. Tenants get to enjoy high-end resources (receptionists, secretaries, mailboxes, IT support), but they don’t have to commute in to reach them. They can be managed from home, but professional communications do go to the real address.

Constant Professionalism

 So, you could have your mail and customer calls routed through the virtual facility. This is a great way to add substantial credibility to very small businesses. Instead of paying for a private suite which you don’t need yet, go virtual and save money without compromising on integrity.

The thing to remember is that investors are superficial entities. They are easily spooked by a lack of surface level ‘polish.’ In other words, you’re much more likely to secure funding if you can present a real physical address, in a prestigious location.

As the best virtual facilities are located right in the heart of Singapore, you’re guaranteed a premium spot which will catch the eye of investors. Plus, when you’re ready to start building and expanding your team, the high-end address will also attract top talent.

Productive Employees

Speaking of top talent; studies have shown that, rather ironically, less structured work routines result in more productive employees. Instead of losing focus, as might be expected, remote and distance employees end up using their time to much better effect.

This is because they have the ability to shape their own schedules and play to their personal strengths. If they feel more energized and in tune with their work of an evening, they are able to structure their day to suit this. If they work best in coffee shops and parks, the option is there.

By trusting your employees, you challenge them to become more responsible. You’re no longer paying them to sit in an office and do the minimum. However they choose to complete tasks, they are being rewarded for demonstrable, actionable results.

Why Going Virtual Makes Business Success Easy

 The ability to operate from any location in the world is easy to underestimate, but it’s the key to growing a strong, stable brand with international reach. Many virtual providers operate extensive global networks, and they allow tenants to take advantage of this. So, technically, you could jet off to any of their international facilities and start building up a market presence.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.