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A Little Research Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Website Design & Conversions

A website that does not convert visitors into customers is a mere waste of  resources and time, so when it comes to build a business website, you must consider a reliable website builder. There are so many website builders are available and some of them are free even, but you can’t just go for any of them without making sure that it meets your business requirements very well.

The best advice is to do a thorough research, look for all the available options, compare the features, pricing and other factors that my affect your business. It is an investment in time, money, and passion. But, your business growth and livelihood depend on its success.

You want to confirm 4 key capabilities:

  1. Longevity: The longer a web builder has been in business, the more clients they have served. And, the more clients served produces more portfolios for review.
  2. Portfolio: You want proof the website builders that have worked in with range of industries similar to yours. Their portfolio should include live websites for you to explore.
  3. People: In Scientific American, David Pogue warns, “Many programmers are better at coding than writing—and that’s fine. But, someone who’s better at writing than coding should have a look before the software goes final.” So, you must know whom you will work with, their individual functions, and accountabilities.
  4. Price: You should consider the pricing in terms of your ROI. As Karen Klein reported in the Los Angeles Times, “Since design is subjective, and usually several rounds of changes are involved, Web development firms often set estimates for it on the high side.”

What does it take to be unique? Web designers are creative people, but they do not know your business as you do. You need the web builders who listen to your ideas. While you want originality, you still want them to collaborate on what you want, need, and can afford.

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  • Wix currently leads a competitive field. With 90 million websites under their belt, they support artists, restaurants, small businesses, and online stores. Optimized for mobile devices, Wix hosts its App Market store with scores of available web apps. While Wix is free, you can buy into additional premium packages.
  • Weebly site builder supports 40 million sites with an easily navigated manage drag and drop setup requiring few technical skills. The tools and pricing are simple to understand. You start with a free package, but pay for extras in their Business and Pro programs.
  • Squarespace ranks 10th on Forbes’ Cloud 100 list and 45th among their Most Promising Companies. User friendly, you choose a template, click what the things you need to tweak, and make the adjustments you want. They offer four pay packages, but you can save money by paying a year in advance.
  • Shopify was launched to provide an easy-to-use ecommerce platform to sell products online. Shopify starts with a free trial, but you pay after that trial in over. It best serves retailers looking to create an online store with easy ordering and secure transactions. And, they can compete with Amazon and eBay with customized looks and customer service.

Enough research should tell you which web developer is the best for your specific business. Research will identify the best builder for your business type, providing support now and later for a customizable and scalable design and ranking popular on Google and among the most reviewers.

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.