A Reliable Workforce: 5 Ways to Avoid a High Staff Turnover Rate

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When running a business, it is important to meet the needs of the customer. Providing quality products or services in an efficient and cost-effective manner is vitally important to being successful.

To do this, however, requires quality employees that can be depended on to their job properly. Unfortunately, it can be difficult getting and keeping good employees. This high turnover rate can create gaps in the company’s ability to complete tasks and produce the quality service needed.

It can also cost the company lots of money to continuously hire and train new employees only to lose them in a short time. Fortunately, there are methods for reducing turnover and getting a quality staff that will stay with the company.

Hire Better Employees

If a company is facing high turnover rates, the biggest problem may be the quality of employees that are being hired. Experienced and dependable employees can make a big difference in how long they will stay with the company.

Hiring people that have a long track record of leaving a company when they get bored can be a major sign that they will do the same if hired. It is also important that new employees are qualified in a particular field. Not all experience is interchangeable.

Employees that feel overwhelmed in the job may not stay very long. It is important to check backgrounds and ensure their qualifications meet the needs of the company. It is also very important to know the specific needs of the company and the needs of the position to be filled before trying to find an employee to fill that spot.

Fortunately, companies can find better employees with help from Leadership Alliance. They can identify the employees that will fit the position and direct them to the company.  This can help ensure that only quality candidates are hired.

Offer Competitive Pay and Benefits

It is important to pay employees what they are worth. A pay and benefits package should be kept up to date with the current pay similar positions offer elsewhere, to retain your best employees.

This means re-evaluating the pay and benefits regularly to ensure they are keeping up with trends. All employees want to feel that their time and effort are worth their pay. Employees who do not feel they are being paid what they are worth will begin to look elsewhere for better options.

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If a competitor is offering better pay or benefits, the employees will be tempted to leave for better pay. Not only will a solid compensation package ensure employees stay long term, but it will also help ensure that they maintain productivity. If an employee does not feel the company values their work, they will have a hard time working harder.

Show the Career Path and Potential for Growth

Employees want to know that they can move up in the company or have opportunities to develop and grow in any position they take. Most people do not want to feel as though they are stuck in a dead-end job. It is important to show the career path each employee can follow when hired.

Discuss their growth potential or even offer bonuses that are available for certain achievements in the company. Employees want to feel as though they are part of the company. One of the best ways to express that is to show them the opportunities available to them if they work hard and stay with the company.

It is also a good idea to encourage and recognize employees for a job well done. Offering real-time recognition for their efforts lets them know that they are an appreciated part of the company.  Employees feel motivated when they are recognized for their hard work. Bonuses or pay increases that are tied to successful efforts or excellent performance can greatly motivate employees and ensure that they stay with the company longer.

Offer Flexibility

In today’s world, employees understand the benefits of flexibility in their scheduling can offer them. It can allow them to balance their work and life obligations better. It can also provide a chance for them to better enjoy the fruits of their labors.

If a person is working 9-5 every day of the week, it can be hard for them to get to various appointments, enjoy time with friends or family members, or even get to the places they need to spend their pay. With flexibility in their schedule, they can balance the things they need to do and reduce their stress levels.

Flexibility also allows employees the opportunity to take classes or training to help them improve their career options. Many of today’s employees search for job opportunities that offer this flexibility and will sometimes leave a job that offers better pay for one that offers more flexibility.

Fire the Wrong Employees

It can be difficult firing an employee that wants to stay. This can be especially difficult when the company is having difficulties filling positions. However, an employee that is not fitting in with the company will only bring down the entire staff.

Some employees may not be completing their work on time or efficiently. Some employees may be difficult for other employees to work with. There are a variety of reasons why an employee may not be the right fit for the company. When faced with such an employee, it is important to fire them.

Underperforming employees that are in the same position and pay bracket as hard-working employees can bring down the morale of the entire company. Normally hardworking employees may feel as though they do not need to work as hard for the same pay. They may also feel discouraged by the difficult employee.

These problems can create even higher turnover rates due to the harder working employees feeling underappreciated. Getting rid of the difficult employee quickly can prevent a lot of the issues that can occur by keeping them around. It’s like pruning a tree, you get rid of the stray branches to help the tree grow fuller and stronger.

Summing it up!

It is also important to always remember that employees are people too. Fostering a sense of community and even friendships in the company can help build loyal and faithful employees. Loyal employees are hardworking employees.  The more they feel that they are truly a part of the company the more they will work to benefit and grow that company.

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