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Access Thousands of AM/FM Radio Stations with Radio Royale

Switching between various FM stations to find the desired music is not only irritating but is a big turnoff when you are in a mood to listen to some good music.

There are many fronts on which Radio Royale scores good and one of them is the ease of switching radio stations on the lock screen on your mobile phones. It’s as easy as changing radio presets in your vehicle.


This app integrates various radio streams and the user interface is quite easy to use.  It further eliminates the need to manually look for the music video of the songs that play.

The app offers option of thousands of AM/FM stations that too, absolutely free. The filter options are very helpful in finding your favorite song. You also have the option to change the device’s background and put a cover or video of the song on it.

Radio Royale image 2
radio royale image 3

You can also chat and connect with other people listening to the song. The tagline Listen/ Watch/Chat justify the app’s core functions and is surely a thumbs up.

radio royale logo

Radio Royale in Their Own Words:

With Radio Royale, you can access thousands of FM and AM radio stations broadcasting live within your local coverage area for free. To enhance your listening experience get instant access to a huge range of video content, connect with others in the global Radio Royale community who are listening to the same radio station, enjoy fullscreen album covers on your device’s screen and create a customized list of your favorite radio stations.

What Brings Radio Royale to the Spotlight:

1000’s of AM/FM stations for free, music videos and a responsive community, all on the go!

Radio Royale Website:

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