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Clear Benefits of Account-Based Marketing

Why should you switch to account-based marketing? ABM, according to Marketo, is “an alternative B2B strategy that focuses sales and marketing efforts on a clearly defined set of target accounts within a market and applies individualized campaigns tailored to each account.” This strategy unifies sales and marketing activities, forcing the two departments to work together more than ever before.

The notion of ABM isn’t new, and neither is the resistance from many firms unwilling to change their ways. However, there are several advantages to this concentrated sales and marketing approach that outweigh the obstacles of change management.

Here are some ABM benefits you can anticipate experiencing as your company moves to an account-based strategy. (Bonus: you can use these six reasons to persuade your marketing staff to finally make the switch)

Because of account-based personalization, messaging is more engaging, resulting in increased conversion rates

The stats speak for themselves: 75% of clients prefer customized offerings (Aberdeen Group). While tailoring every single email for a group of people is impossible and goes against the concept of marketing automation, personalized content based on account attributes can be automated. ABM provides personalized messages depending on industry, company, and function, making your audience feel more personal while maintaining automation efficiency.

Use Marketing Automation solutions to their maximum potential, staying in touch with all leads without wasting time

Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, HubSpot, and other marketing automation systems have more power than most users think. These tools make it easy to customize material on a larger scale.

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Marketing automation technologies enable dynamic content to be included in emails and landing pages. These tools also include dynamic calls-to-action (CTAs) that can be used on web pages, landing pages, and emails.

Account manager knowledge, as well as a simpler and more effective lead routing procedure

Lead routing and assignment become more direct when account managers are assigned to certain industries, regions, or individual accounts. Not only does this make a lead assignment in CRM systems like Salesforce easier, but it also allows account managers to become experts in their field. It also saves time spent on administrative tasks such as lead assignments, allowing sales reps to focus on increasing revenue.

Get the leads you want by aligning marketing and sales with a targeted plan

Rather than focusing on a single piece of content or a series of channels, ABM prioritizes its target audience. Once target accounts have been determined, outreach channels and a marketing/sales strategy for those audiences can be devised.

Marketing enhances sales enablement by allowing both teams to accomplish more throughout the lead lifecycle

Marketing is better preparing leads to talk to sales by employing more customized messaging and methods. Through the top of the funnel, a sales-qualified lead will have been exposed to the customized corporate message, saving sales time and allowing them to bypass introduction marketing.

Your sales team will also be better equipped to have a deeper dialogue with their SQL if your account manager is a specialist in their accounts.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.