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Acquire, Convert, Grow and Retain Customers with HelpCrunch

With the social media explosion, the customer service bar has been raised to new standards. As more people are freely sharing their experiences online, both good and bad; qualitative customer service has become imperative.

Engaging customers and prospects in the right direction is the key to outstanding customer service. Effective customer and prospects engagement is about delivering more personalized experiences based on authentic relationships with them and you cannot simply do it without right tools.

You do need a systematic solution to deliver the personalized experience to each of your website visitor, and HelpCrunch is one such tool. The Live Chat and Real Time Messaging are great ways to engage visitors in timely communication. Further, you can integrate HelpCruch with your CRM as well as it’s compatible with iOS and Android, so your customers can get in touch with you via their mobile too!

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HelpCruch works in a flow, i.e. Acquire, Convert, Grow and Retain and so offers features accordingly. Since, it comes with a free trial, it’s good to try and check how it helps you acquire more business!

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HelpCrunch in Their Own Words:

HelpCrunch lets businesses see and talk to their customers via real-time CRM and a range of modern communication channels – customer touch points – via messenger (on the web and inside mobile app) and email.

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HelpCrunch simplifies communication between the business and the customer. Our solution provides business with insights into customer profile and in-product behavior allowing business to have relevant, personalized interactions with customers as well as gives customers direct channel to contact the business easily and ask a question, provide feedback, etc.

What Brings HelpCrunch to the Spotlight:

An intelligent customer communication platform for mobile and web businesses.

HelpCrunch Website:

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