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Acquire, Engage & Retain Customers with Nudgespot Messenger

Today, the customer has more power and choices than ever before, so it’s an essential to provide the best customer service. Smart business owners know the fact that the best customer service comes from top-notch people, so they hire the best talent or train their existing resources at optimum.

Well, hiring and training is all good, but if you have not invested in the right CRM, even your best resources cannot ensure customers’ satisfaction. This is why you need a platform with which your business is better prepared for dealing with customers.

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Nudgespot is one such option for small businesses to better communicate with their customers. It comes with some really useful features, i.e. Offline Notifications to let you reach your customers anywhere, Shared Inbox for the teams to assign tasks and track responses, Triggered Messages based on customer behavior, ability to talk to anonymous visitors and much more.

Whether you want to improve your customer service for existing users or want to increase conversions, Nudgespot has it all. With simple and effortless integrations using javascript you can customize it as per your requirements.

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With Nudgespot Messenger you can map conversation history and onsite activity and increase conversions by talking to the visitors. You can also track your users’ activity, i.e. what features they are or aren’t using and take action accordingly.

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By adding team members, you can get things done faster, i.e. assign tasks, help customers talk to the most relevant person and so on!

That’s not all; you can also test message effectiveness with A/B test based on what your visitors and customers are browsing.

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The good thing is it’s free no matter how many users you have; you need to pay only for the features you want to use. So an ideal option to try; let’s see how it helps and you can upgrade to any paid plan any time!

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Nudgespot in Their Own Words:

Nudgespot is a messaging platform that lets you acquire customers and engage them via in-app messaging, email, push and SMS notifications. The platform has a powerful multi-channel marketing automation core plus a real-time messenger that lets you track user activities and behaviors and trigger messages using the channels that work best. You can also broadcast messages to every user who arrives on your site, or customize messages based on your outbound campaigns.

What Brings Nudgespot to the Spotlight:

It helps support and marketing teams change the way they talk to their customers and improve the overall process.

Nudgespot Website:

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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