AddProgress for Smart Project Management & Effective Team Collaboration

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Project management tools are great to harness the workflow in right direction and meet the critical deadlines on time, but the drawback associated with all the project management tools is “being too detailed”. Most of the project management tools require lot of entries and management that they just increase the responsibilities of the manager rather than taking the load off.

Since, the business scenario is getting more efficient and organizations look for increased efficiency, teams must move to smart solutions which are simple to use and efficient to cover all the aspects of a project.

AddProgress is one such simple and efficient online solution for smart project management. You can create team status reports that track progress on short-term tasks as well as long-term goals without any hassle. There’re pre-built layouts for saving more time, i.e. weekly status, annual performance goals, sales pipelines, agile development and process checklists for new employee on-boarding.

You don’t need to put any real effort in building your own custom reports, as it includes drag and drop ordering, comments, activity stream, due dates, sub checklists, quick statuses, percent complete and notifications.

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AddProgress actually minimizes the project management load from the manager while making sure that the flow is not disturbed. Managers create status reports in no time using the pre-built layouts, employees easily add items and update their progress in seconds and the team can view everyone’s status and collaborate with comments. No need to have separate time taking chats and emails; collaborate in real time on targeted item!

A must try for teams on stringent deadlines; do signup for the early access. It doesn’t require credit card information!

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AddProgress in Their Own Words:

AddProgress is the tool for teams that need to track their activity but don’t have the time to spend updating a complex project management system. It eliminates the need for separate tools to track tasks and communicate (i.e. team chat), since it combines comments with tasks/goals within the context of a status report workflow or structure. It saves teams time by reducing the need for status meetings and emails, while keeping everyone apprised of who’s working on what, who has capacity and who needs help.


What Brings AddProgress to the Spotlight:

It’s a smart solution for smart project management!


AddProgress Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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