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Making money online is not a rocket science though, it has never been easy. There are many ways through which one can make money online, but most of the methods need extensive efforts, however there are some efficient and reliable services and platform where smart work pays more than hard work. is one such platform that offers a robust link shortner service with which you can make money without much effort. All you need is to use to shorten each link that you’re going to share anywhere on the web, either on social media or via email. Whenever someone opens your link, before landing on the target page he’ll be shown an ad.

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Using this service, the link publishers can get as high as 80% of the payment done by the advertisers.  They can even make additional money through partnership or referral program and can access the real time statistics to see how your links are performing, thereby suggesting changes for future links.

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Unlike majority of other link publishers, the minimum withdrawal fee of is very low which means that you don’t have to wait much to withdraw your money.

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