Advantages & Disadvantages of Hiring Older People

One of the important implications of globalization is the diversity in the workforce. As the business organizations are spreading worldwide, people of various age groups, culture, ethics are coming together to work as a team.

You must have come across several cases of ageism, which is basically treating aged employees in a different and unequal matter.



Following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of hiring older people.


  • Older workers tend to have more practical knowledge and expertise as compared to their young counterparts, which comes as handier. Also, they have sufficient knowledge about a wide range of tools and software that are used in a business.
  • For older workers, job security is more important than money, thus they cost much lesser than the younger employees, thereby saving on the manpower budgeting.


  • Older workers sometimes find it difficult to cope with the change in the technology and takes time to get used to new software and skills.
  • Generally, there is no sense of competition in older workers as they are usually satisfied with their job. This absence of spirit and competition leads to lower productivity in employees.
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