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AI Startups To Watch Out For in 2023

With the increasing rate at which technology is developing, it’s no surprise that tech companies and leading venture capitalists are looking to invest in artificial intelligence.

The futuristic and innovative thinkers want to see a world deeply integrated with AI technology. Even everyday tasks involve intellectual equipment that makes our lives easier and much more rewarding.

Taking a look at the stats given by Crunchbase, the abundance of AI startups can be understood. The new startups revolving around AItech have touched the 10,000 milestones, with room for more to come. The statistics have positively gone up at a gradual rate of 8.2 percent per annum. 

With the increasing demand for AI technology in our everyday lives, such as shopping, transport, education, and entertainment, the industry has a lot of room to grow and prosper.

So which companies are taking the lead and bringing about the best AI technology for the world in 2023?

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To find out, let’s take a look at the top AI companies that have taken over the market so far.


Kobe Logo

  • Country: Singapore

Unique and innovative in its existence, the Asian startup Kobe has revolutionized the advertising world. The foundations were put down by entrepreneur Evangeline Leong who saw optimum potential in social media marketing.  

The dream was completed when the expert in influencer marketing, Cha Lin, joined hands. Eventually, Kobe Global Technologies was created hand in hand with an advertising platform unique in its nature due to the AI concept that it was built on.

It mainly functions on the concept of spreading word of mouth to advertise products through influencers and providing an extensive analysis of the target audience. This, in the end, benefits both customers and influencers. 


8topuz Logo

  • Industry: Wealth Tech, Fintech
  • Location: Cyprus
  • Website:

The franchise is apt for traders and retailers. It is a much better alternative to savings accounts and is a good shift towards ForEx trading. The system is completely automated and based on AI technology hence is convenient for any trade from any location. Either retailers or independent investors can use it.

The innovative technique of using AI for investment purposes is what makes 8topuz a distinguished and top AI startup. It has accomplished a constant 3 % audited ROI starting from 2016 landing it amongst the top tech startups worldwide.

Affable Logo

  • Country: Singapore

One of the top AI companies for people looking to advertise their product. The AI startup engages a versatile group of professionals such as engineers and influencer advertising specialists who know exactly who to contact to market a particular product.

Affable AI brings a whole new touch to the marketing world by its concomitant utilization of AI technology.

It opens new and versatile roads for brands to advertise their product without letting the product lose the personalized experience of the brand. 

Its reach is in 11 countries and is navigating more than 100 clients at the moment. 


Affirm Logo

  • Industry: Fintech
  • Location: United States
  • Website:

Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, and Morgan Stanley’s investment paid off pretty well after the revenue generated by the San-Francisco-based AI company summed up to a hefty $720 million.

Last year, when the company’s profiling was conducted, $300 million was calculated in the previous year.

The company makes use of artificial intelligence to keep a check on customer credits. This is done by point-of-scale customer financing technology which has almost instant results.

The company has come a long way since its start in 2012, as it now provides its financial advisory services to large businesses. It is also working its way to form brick-and-mortar Apple pay.

Ananova Tech

The Ananova Tech team works tirelessly to produce updated artificial intelligence technology that benefits consumers and enables their healthcare needs to be fulfilled.

It is one of the leading AI companies concerning healthcare and startups to watch for in 2023.

Its newest development is BRAIN TD, which is a tumor detection software. It has been fed at least 10,000 classified images that it utilizes to segment and differentiates different types of tumors. 

It further uses neural networks for enhanced accuracy in the classification of tumors. Any addition of new images only aids in improving the efficiency of BRAIN TD and its learning behavior.


Argo AI Logo

  • Industry: Travel-Tech, Mobility
  • Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Argo focuses on fulfilling the self-driving car dream the world has been seeing for a long time. The enterprise aims at utilizing artificial intelligence technology in the transportation franchise. Although the venture has been taken up by various AI startups, what makes Argo particular is the extra mile the company has run to pursue its aim.

The distinguishing factor is the safe, self-controlling system that will enable ride-sharing and delivery facilities amongst the self-driving features.

Their joint ventures with big names in the transport industry, such as Volkswagen and Ford, signify how promising the ai tech startup is.


bigml logo 

BigML focuses on machine learning technology. The technology allows lives to get easier by completing complex tasks that are driven by data. It has been able to cash $1.6 million in funds since its release.

The company provides resources that can be used to complete the tasks mentioned above. The website is visited by various companies that use the resources provided.

The resources provided by the BigML platform include the following: 

  • BigML Dashboard: web-based interface providing a large variety of machine learning tools and models
  • REST API: Gain access for requests programmatically

BigML believes in the potential of machine learning and promotes the phenomenon through educational material.


The UK-based ai startup company surfaced in late 2018. It has since been used to assess the progress and risks involved in businesses. All of this is done through machine learning technology. Anyone involved in a business can be a target customer, such as brokers or enterprise holders. 

The software provides a detailed analysis involving credit scores, risk factors and financial history of the business under investigation.

Although any business could benefit from the facilities, the main focus of Brisk is small enterprises that might not be able to withstand significant losses. It provides detailed risk analysis and outcomes of investments that haven’t even occurred yet. 

Due to its versatility in function and accuracy, the startup has had a revenue of $300,000.

Cardiologs Logo

  • Industry: Health-tech
  • Location: Paris, France
  • Website:

Cardiologs is another artificial intelligence-based software that focuses on healthcare. As the name already suggests, the company aims to utilize artificial intelligence software to make a cardiac diagnosis.

For this purpose, the enterprise has joined forces with leading cardiac experts and doctors to make the machine learning process better and more efficient to serve humanity.

Using the AI technology provided by Cardiologs, clinicians can make a better cardiac diagnosis and provide optimum patient care.


CureMetrix Logo

  • Industry: Breast Cancer, Health Tech
  • Location: United States
  • Website:

Next in line with the already discussed healthcare-related artificial intelligence startups is CureMetrix. This company is mainly focused on using artificial intelligence technology for breast cancer and its treatment. 

Its essential role in breast cancer diagnostics. It accomplishes this by developing artificial intelligence-based precise tools for diagnosing the tumors in the breast. The tools and procedures include mammography, and services include the provision of data-backed answers to radiologists to conduct accurate screening, prognosis, as well as appropriate treatment.



Dataiku is a data science software platform that is based in the United States. In 2013 Dataiku ventured into developing a data software studio called Dataiku Data Software Studio (DSS) for the sole purpose of researching and utilizing artificial intelligence.

It focuses on providing machine learning-based data analysis that could aid businesses in making appropriate decisions in their ventures.

The enterprise is also of particular interest to data analytics and data scientists to automate tasks based on artificial intelligence and machine learning phenomenon. 

Dragonfly AI 

DragonFly AI Logo

The unique and extraordinary AI platform was founded in 2018 and is based in The United Kingdom. It provides a distinguished combination between artificial intelligence and design technology. 

The primary function is predictive visual analysis. In simpler words, this means it utilizes artificial intelligence to calculate the effect of design on its audience.

This means it can easily single out one design from a group of techniques that will have a much more significant impact on its viewers. This enables businesses to choose specific designs to enhance their reach among buyers and increase their revenue.



The enterprise surfaced in California in the year 2016. aims at connecting professionals and people with specific sets of skills to the appropriate career. To determine these careers according to the skills of individuals, it utilizes artificial intelligence software.

The startup aids companies in upsizing their workforce, linking appropriate professionals for tasks by machine learning, and generally connecting talent to areas where it is required.

It has seen its success by generating $125 million dollars last year and ending up in f=Forbes list of Top 25 Machine Learning Startups to Watch in 2020.

Fox Robotics

Fox Robotics Logo

The company is based in Texas, USA, and uses machine learning technology in warehouse automation. They cover artificial intelligence technologies from self-driving cars to industrial-grade robots and anything in between.

By automating warehouses, the company has significantly been able to decrease expenses and manage turnover more easily.

Frame AI 

FrameAI logo

Frame AI is a US-based AI startup that aims at revolutionizing the messaging experience. It makes the communication world more convenient to use by incorporating the voice of the customer on relevant channels. This results in streamlining of the services and better focus on them.

This saves businesses the time it would take to coordinate the customer’s voice and instead provide better services once they have established their market.

The service also provides information on customer dealings and brings prompt attention to issues faced by the client. 


As the name suggests, this enterprise has incorporated the artificial intelligence feature with the vision to create new dimensions of information gathering for businesses.

The company gathers video recordings, pictures, drone recordings or any other form of visual aid to form visual scenarios. This visual aid that is extracted in real-time can then be used to test different stimuli and realistic scenarios.

This has made obtaining security footage from law enforcement authorities a piece of cake and also enhanced the traffic system.


iKala Logo

  • Country: Taiwan

iKala focuses on providing long-lasting, loyal customers to its enterprise clients. It provides various retail services and digital marketing solutions to its customers, all of which are data-driven and function on artificial intelligence technology.

The services it provides include iKala Cloud, KOL Radar, Surplus, and CloudAD.

The company has provided its services to more than 400 enterprises and has a large clientele all over the world.


Instamatic aims at changing the dynamics of advertisement tactics of businesses. The distinguishing feature is its hands-free advertisement that utilizes voice commands and artificial intelligence.

The data-driven advertisement allows a better and more targeted clientele. The voice commands enable a dialogue-based advertisement of brands.

The ai startup has landed $2.2 million in funds since its origin in the year 2015.

KoreAI Logo

  • Country: India

The enterprise aids in providing an enhanced digital interaction of companies with their clients. It is inherently a virtual assistant platform company.

The company provides a conversational platform to make virtual assistants with additional digital user experiences.

The virtual assistants provided by include assistants for HR, Banking, insurance companies, etc. Its virtual assistant is present by the name of WorkAssist, which is mainly for the digital enterprise and assists employees.


Lab Genius Logo

  • Industry: Health-tech
  • Location: London, UK

Lab genius is an artificial intelligence platform that focuses on using machine learning to excel in lab work involving drug manufacture and drug research.

It uses synthetic biology, lab automation to make the already mentioned tasks easier. Its main focus is on protein therapeutics as well as incorporating multiple drug therapies for polypharmacy.

It has been a game-changer for the safety testing of drugs and has aptly decreased the time taken to conduct safety and efficacy tests on new medication.


luminance logo

Luminance is an artificial intelligence incorporated service used mainly in the court. It aids in law-making and law-related scenarios. The astonishing ability of the software to combine supervised as well as unsupervised machine learning to understand and comprehend documents is surprisingly extraordinary.

In addition to its ability to be able to understand legal documents, it can also observe interactions between lawyers on said documents to further understand the legalities of matters.

Resultantly the US-based legal tech is a very convenient invention.


makinarocks logo

MakinaRocks works tirelessly to enhance industrial technology and make it more intelligent and user-friendly with each passing day.

It has incorporated an efficient team of technical field experts that work to utilize industrial technology and provide it as transformative solutions.

MakinaRocks has made developments that allow an analysis of data in ways humans could never do on their own.

The Machine learning solutions created by MakinaRocks artificial intelligence software analyze data and provide on-point predictions according to it. The developments made by machine learning tech by MakinaRocks have revolutionized industrial efficiency.


Naluri Logo

  • Country: Malaysia

Naluri is a leading AI startup that focuses on digital health management. Its areas of function involve chronic disease management, mental health coaching, and general health advisory.

It uses artificial intelligence software such as Cognitive Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to provide individualized health care.

The services are confidential, secure, and accurate.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques allow for more accurate diagnosis and counseling without therapy and counseling errors.


nodeflux logo

  • Country: Indonesia

After being founded in the year 2016, NodeFlux has aimed at providing upgraded Vision artificial intelligence products. Products by NodeFlux are versatile in utility and are being incorporated in a variety of sectors such as Smart Cities; Defence & Security, Traffics; Asset Management; Retail Analysis, Advertising, Transportation, and various others.

Its major clients include big names such as the Indonesian police and IMF World Bank 2018 committee.


OneChat Logo

  • Country: Thailand

OneChat is a one-step solution to instantly engage your clients. It uses artificial intelligence to increase engagement with clients and give a good impression of your brand. 

Whether it’s a comment or a direct message, OneChat will use machine learning to interact with your clients for you. 

Its convenient and distinguishing features include automated private messages to clients that aid in increasing your potential to sell your product and enable speedy interactions.


Osaro provides an optimum AI experience by combining industrial robotics with Artificial intelligence to develop insight control and influence perception.

Its main functioning point is the sensory input that it obtains from its surroundings. This sensory input is utilized to study the outcomes generated if an item is pulled or pushed. 

The robots then use machine learning to understand the proper course of action to respond to a specific sensory input. This learning and experience-based behavior optimizes efficiency and decreases time consumption to complete a task.


photoneo logo

  • Industry: Robotics
  • Location: Slovakia
  • Website: Photoneo

Photoneo has been consistently developing and enhancing automation solutions over time. It has slowly developed these using three-dimensional robot vision. This has been a first among all types of artificial intelligence technologies, making Photoneo a patent brand amongst its competitors. 

The startup functions on certain pick and play systems which are given below:

  • Universal Depalletizer
  • Singulation & Sorting System
  • AnyPick

It uses machine learning to accurately recognize changes in shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, etc. This detection has enabled the software to change the dynamics of various industries such as food, e-commerce, and medicine, etc.


Pony AI logo

  • Industry: Fintech
  • Location: California, United States
  • Website:

Pony. AI has its roots in three different places. The first one is Silicon Valley, the second being Beijing, and the third in Guangzhou.

It entered the artificial intelligence market in 2016.

The artificial intelligence startup has the main focus on enabling automated self-driving transportation, specifically cars.

The success of the concept lies in the notable amount of funding that it has received over the course of time, which is at a hefty $267 million.

Prosa Logo

  • Country: Indonesia

Prosa AI is mainly aiming to develop natural language processing (NLP) powered by artificial intelligence software. The company is based in Indonesia and originated in 2018. What was initially a research project has now gained funds from a recent GDP venture marking a milestone in its success story.

It has recently increased its team of data scientists and data annotators and has gotten in collaboration with Indonesia’s Minister of Communication and Informatics to make Chatbot AntiHoaks software to check the credibility of articles and data provision sites.


rossum logo

  • Industry: Computer Software
  • Location: London, UK
  • Website:

Rossum allows business enterprise partners to organize their document traffic and automatically process any piece of document that comes their way to stay on top of their work.

It uses artificial intelligence to make this data classification.


Ruangguru logo

  • Country: Indonesia

Ruangguru aims at using artificial intelligence for the educational benefit of its users. The startup is Indonesian-based and utilizes machine learning software to make educational facilities accessible to more than 2 million educators.


sensat logo

Founded by James Dean and Harry Atkinson is an AI-based startup that uses cloud-based site management tools to visualize and track project performances in a dynamic way.

The innovative technology allows users to view their projects remotely from anywhere using their devices.

Its success is marked by its collaborations with various infrastructure firms such as Morgan Sindall and the Berkeley group.


The Swim.AI enterprise is based in Campbell, CA, and Cambridge, UK. It was founded in 2015, keeping in mind to incorporate artificial intelligence in learning human behavior to produce appropriate tools by using contextual data and real-time studies on human decision making.

This information is used by businesses to adapt to their business according to the target customers easily.


ThreatMark Logo

  • Industry: Cybersecurity, RegTech
  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Website:

ThreatMark is an efficient, intelligent solution for the prevention of cyber fraud. The frauds may include the following :

  • Online banking fraud
  • Mobile Banking Fraud
  • User Identity Verification
  • Cyber Threats Protection
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Risk-Based Strong Customer Authentication
  • PSD2 Compliance
  • Dynamic Application Self-Protection
  • Online Lending

ThreatMark aims at providing banks with secure online banking solutions by using products such as Anti Fraud Suite – AFS and Clair.

It utilizes behavioral analyses and biometrics as the main AI tools in carrying out its functions.


tractable logo

  • Industry: Travel-Tech, human-resource
  • Location: UK

Tractable is utilized in assessing damages to property. It can assess the damages in cars as well as homes. It uses visual imagery in real-time to generate data and analyze the possible damages.


verkada logo

  • Industry:  Security Software.
  • HQ Location: California, USA
  • Website:

It is a security hardware manufacturer that is based on cloud-based software. The AI utilizing security solution provider allows larger enterprises to run businesses over a larger covered area due to the intuitive security that its hardware provides.


Zelros Logo

Zelros is one of the top AI startups and a pioneer company for introducing artificial intelligence in the insurance sector. It is an independent software vendor that enables insurance players to reshape their relationships with their customers. 

The independence that AI provides its customers is the reason why it is amongst the leading AI companies.


The main mission of Smallpdf is to make PDF software that is reliable and user-friendly, without compromising on quality. They are able to achieve this through the use of their 20+ tools, which cover all of your PDF wants and needs, from compressing a PDF that is too large to share, to electronically signing a contract without needing to print and scan.

The company is based in Switzerland but has become home to people from all over the world. And the same can be said about their 25+ million monthly users from around the globe, who are well looked after thanks to the Smallpdf website being available in 24 different languages.

Outstanding AI Startups: Final Thoughts

The above AI companies are proof that machine learning has revolutionized many industries and will do so in the future if adequate funding is provided to these top AI over time.

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