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All You Need to Know About Professional Email for Your Business

If you want to elevate yourself or your business as a professional, creating a professional email is a good place to start.

This is a critical step to communicate with customers, potential clients, other businesses, and corporate workers. Brand representation and reputation are staples that only a business email can enforce.

You may be considering using your personal email for the business purposes, but keeping the personal email aside is the wisest thing to do, especially when you are planning a long term growth. This is one of your first ways to interact with people involved with your business, so make sure to create an impact right from the beginning.

By creating a professional email you gain trust, increase brand awareness, and have control of your business. This helps not only to organize the emails you’re receiving and distributing, but also in building a strong brand.

Creating a professional email is easy, but to make an impact, there are a few important steps to consider when you’re setting up an email address.

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All You Need to Know About Professional Email for Your Business

1 – Using a Custom Domain Name

Buying a domain name with a hosting provider is the first step to set up your business website. In case, if you are more of an independent professional and do not plan to build a big website yet, still having a domain name is mandatory.

If you already have a domain in place, a provider can offer a few email address that syncs up. You could also be tasked with a small fee for each email address you add to an account, it’s all dependent on your provider.

A custom domain name helps you avoid looking unprofessional when an email comes across with a generic email host like Yahoo or Gmail. With a custom domain name, users won’t need to use sometimes an obnoxious amount of characters when developing their email. The days of are over.

Operating under a custom domain name will help you avoid business email compromise. But you have to make sure that your email server is not compromised and your mails are not caught into spam filters.

2- Formatting Business Emails

Following up on custom domain names, you should use the same domain name format when it comes to creating a professional email. Structuring whether it’s first initial/last name or first name/last initial is a good place to start.

Consider company size when you’re deciding this. The more similar names the easier it will be to choose what direction you should head in.

Choosing a display name is also an important piece of a professional email address. It should include the employee’s name and the company as well. This is something you can include on the signature line at the bottom of your email.

It should all look uniform in over to keep a professional appearance across your company. This also includes a similar profile picture with a consistent background. Smile!

3- Creating a Professional Email for Display

If you want to increase conversion rate on your website, creating a special email address for display on your website is a good way to start.

Most businesses will keep this consistent with info, contact, press, legal, sales, etc. This keeps all the emails of that subject matter organized and easy to pick apart, but since spammers are all around, so you may also expect these generic emails flooded with spam emails.

You may want to be a little creative and come up with some more unique display emails, like,, etc. to make sure that it is attractive, yet not so common for spammers to capture it!

Take Away….

If you’re at the threshold of your business empire; whether you are looking to start your business or have already stepped up, you must know that email is probably the oldest biggest marketing channel in this digital world!

Every business whether it is one man company or an enterprise of thousands of employees use email on daily basis. However, not all the businesses harness the power of email marketing.

There can be some really minor points that can make a big impact on your brand, i.e. professional email, attractive email signature, and most importantly, the content of the email!

Take some time out for your own growth and keep updating yourself with new techniques to make most out of email marketing.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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