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Alternative Tools for Online Surveys: Explore Superior Options Beyond Google Forms

Surveys are essential to do market research and find out the preferences of our potential consumers. To achieve this task, it is necessary to have excellent software responsible for carrying out surveys that are user-friendly, easy to use, and pleasing to the eye.

One of the most popular options is Google Forms, which is used by having only one account in the search engine and inserting our questions and the different ways of providing answers. However, to expand our method of surveying the population, we can explore other options to use in our market research.

Drag’n Survey: The best option in the market!

Drag’n Survey is quite useful in accomplishing this task. Their customers can easily create surveys for comprehensive data collection thanks to their user-friendly design. With Drag ‘N Survey, creating a survey is easy. You can select an application-provided template that fits the survey’s purpose to start creating a new questionnaire. To arrange the alternatives for your questions and change the page layout, use the drag-and-drop capability for yes/no, multiple-choice, free field, and priority order questions.

The questions are divided into several categories, including consumer, healthcare, education, human resources, and event planning. The information you want to include in the questionnaire will determine your template. Responses on managing the collector options are only accepted from one IP address.

Subscription plans

The user can choose monthly or annual plans, which have different rates.

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The monthly plan has the free plan, which allows you to take unlimited surveys, as well as access to 13 designs for customizing them: in addition to the distribution of the questionnaires to 200 people. The Plus plan costs 24 euros per month and 18 euros if you select the annual plan. This subscription allows you to place as many pages and questions as the user wants per questionnaire. This plan also allows you to create 10 questionnaires per month using AI.

Regarding distribution, you can send unlimited emails, in addition to exporting files in PDF and Excel format. The premium plan for 44 euros per month or 36 euros monthly choosing the annual plan includes multilingual surveys and a broader results analysis that allows a comparison of results in real-time and multi-account administration, which is perfect for managing different accounts on the platform. If a company requires the services of this software, they can use the company plan, the rate of which is disclosed by contacting the Drag’N Survey team. Their support will be a priority, as will the granting of license administration to the employees of the company that will carry out the surveys.

Other options

Many other options are available on the market as alternatives to Google Forms. You can view content on this topic or let us sum it up for you.


Create surveys, forms, questionnaires, and more using Typeform, an application that integrates with any app to produce more satisfying outcomes because of its integration system. A fully customized form that allows you to include photographs in the answers is an additional benefit. Four subscription plans are available: the free plan, the basic plan which costs 25 euros a month, the plus plan which costs 55 euros a month, and the business level, which costs 89 euros a month.


Jotform is a tool to create online questionnaires in a few minutes. No code is needed to make a sophisticated quiz with this software. The user can customize the forms with their logo and fonts. In addition to fulfilling these functions, it can also integrate with business-related applications, as well as collect online payments with PayPal integration. Companies such as McLaren, Shell, and CBS, among others, make use of this magnificent system to carry out their business activities, therefore, its usefulness is supported by large corporations.


Wufoo is an application to create and customize online forms, design your themes; as well as transfer the information collected to your marketing automation system for greater convenience. The user will have their data secured with the CAPTCHA system and 256-bit SSL encryption.


Among many other options, we have Formstack. Their forms are great for streamlining data collection through an interface that doesn’t require programming code. Documents can be generated with the information collected in the surveys automatically. This program also offers the option to add an eSignature with drag-and-drop instead of a hand-made signature. The Suite function serves to automate what matters most for your business, whether it is documentation or obtaining forms and information.

Subscriptions are varied; you can obtain information digitally for $50 per month. Likewise, you can use document automation for $92 per month; as well as the ability to use eSignature for $18 per month. Finally, if you want to purchase the complete package with all the necessary tools for excellent forms, the cost is $191 per month, which is billed annually.

Although Google Forms is one of the most used and popular options, make sure to consider other software such as Drag’N Survey, Jotform, Typeform, Wufoo or Formstack, which are great options for creating professional questionnaires and collecting information securely.

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