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5 Alternatives To Business Emailing

Business emails have become one of the top methods through which companies ensure efficient communication between their employees, clients, and advertisers. But emails have also been faulted for loss of productivity in the workplace because a lot of time and energy gets spent trying to confirm vital details.

5 Alternatives To Business Emailing

Because of this, companies have turned to other alternatives and channels that can help streamline the communication process

If your company is looking for better alternatives to business emails, look no further. Here’s an overview of the five best alternatives to emails that will ensure faster, smoother, and easier communication for your business.


Faxing might look like an outdated means of communication considering you can choose many other digital platforms. However, faxing is once again on the rise as online faxing services are increasingly becoming popular.

The main reason for this is online faxing does away with many of issues surrounding the security of digital signatures and email. Also, it’s an excellent method of sending mass communications. 

When you choose to fax online with eFax, you can easily convey sensitive documents such as real estate deals and legal contracts that need a digital signature.

Another advantage of this platform is you don’t have to worry ever again about costly ink cartridges, heavy faxing and printing equipment, or wasting paper. 



This is one of the first platforms that started the shift from using emails as the primary means of communication by businesses.

And this should be no surprise because thanks to Slack, communication has now been made a lot simpler. It has also helped significantly improve business productivity. 

Right after its launch, Slack had over 8,000 users within 24 hours. This figure has constantly been on the rise due to the many great features this platform has to offer including:

  • Group chats that are categorized by topic 
  • Private groups 
  • One-on-one messaging 
  • Persistent chat rooms   
  • Direct Messaging

These amazing aspects have made this platform the go-to email substitute. Team members also enjoy the freedom to join or leave conversations at their discretion. 



This is a social network with a broad range of functionalities including private conversations, photos and videos, storage of files, and discussion threads.

Using Yammer, you can drastically improve the productivity of your team because the platform allows collaborating across business apps, locations, and departments.

In addition, the Yammer hybrid solution combines the benefits offered by a more sophisticated file storage system with the convenience provided by an instant messaging tool. 

You should consider using Yammer if you want a platform that allows seamless file sharing, group conversations, and team collaboration. 


Although Asana is essentially a project management tool, it’s also another excellent alternative to using email. This is because it comes with a clear and clean interface that can be used by teams of any size to monitor their projects.

Asana also acts as a centralized area where every project and the relevant files, details, status updates, people involved can be found. 

This platform helps address several shortcomings of business email. For instance, business emails often can’t capture the tasks effectively. Instead, some tasks may have to be sent or described across a series of emails. Emails also aren’t sorted in order of priority but rather according to the time they were received.  

Due to these shortcomings of email, information tends to be scattered all over the place. Therefore, you need to set aside some time to go through the different messages to get a clear picture of what’s involved.

All these issues are what Asana looks to resolve making it a much better platform for streamlining communication and task organization.  


Streamlined communication is crucial to reduce your workload and ensure your schedule is well-organized.

If you’re struggling to achieve this with business emailing, consider the viable alternatives listed in this article. This way, you’ll be able to guarantee effective communication between your employees, suppliers, and customers. 


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