Amazemeet Makes Your Meetings More Productive

Business meetings are essential for any organization as they offer the opportunity to share information and plan the right growth strategy. Let it be simple update on financials, recognizing employees or complex issues like client negotiations, sales cycle, account management etc, the meetings should not affect the quantity or quality of deliverables.

However, the serious issue with company meetings is the fact that most of the time they drain the company productivity. For this very reason, companies try to limit the amount of meetings time unless such gatherings are meant to generate new revenue for the company. And, to optimize their meetings they use various tools.

Amazemeet is a productivity tool that can help you cut down on wasted time. The tool is built to intelligently design meetings that really transform your conversations.

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It’s simple; you start with focusing on the purpose of the meeting, then getting the right people together for your meeting whose presence will help towards achieving the purpose. The agenda clears what exactly will be discussed, who will lead it and for how long will it take to achieve the purpose.

The Meeting Facilitator Canvas of Amazemeet is certainly a great way to drop the number of purposeless meetings as well as reduce the need for face to face meetings on less important topics.


Amazemeet in Their Own Words:

Based on proven facilitation techniques, Amazemeet is one of its own kind. The vast majority of other tools in this space are in the meeting platform (ex. GotoMeeting, Webex) or in the scheduling business ( Outlook, Doodle). There are almost no tools aimed at helping people design the meetings the want to have collaboratively before, during and even after the event.

With the Meeting Improver feature, Amazemeet is the only product that seeks to change meeting behaviour by providing contextual improvement tips – practical things that meetings organisers and participants can do to improve each meeting.

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The great idea to stop wasting time on non-productive meetings!

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