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Amazon PPC Advertising Strategies for 2021

Advertising on Amazon has come a long way and it is evolving for the better. We think there’s going to be some exciting PPC developments in the near future and sellers need to brace themselves for it. But for now, let’s see if you’re on track and keeping up with all the latest advertising trends. In this article, we have handpicked and elucidated some of the strategies that we think can do wonders for your Amazon business.

There are a plethora of interesting strategies for PPC campaigns that one can adopt.

Here Are Some PPC Strategies That You Should Definitely Consider in 2021

The strategies you adopt will definitely depend on your campaign goals but there are some that can work wonders regardless of specific end goals.

 Identify Your Target Audience Correctly

You need to identify your target audience properly. Now more than ever, there’s an increased number of people shopping online. Advertising to all isn’t going to help you earn a good profit. Therefore, you need to figure out precisely what kind of people you want to target with your ads or what kind of people will be interested in buying your products.

Dig deep into finding out how they’re searching for products, what keywords they are using to find your products, and what new phrases they are using as search terms. All of this will bring to light the changes in your target market which may be different from year to year. Check which keywords are performing well now in comparison to last year. Are they the same or are they different? Create a fresh keyword list and you can accordingly come up with new PPC strategies to engage your new audience.

Analyze the customers’ shopping behavior. For example, if your product caters to 20-30-year-olds who work regular hours then it makes the most sense to run your ads at a time when you know they have some respite from work and will be browsing on their phones.

This will be late evening around 6-7 pm or even between 8-11 pm. You must choose the right timings to run your ads according to your audience and note down what timing drives the highest conversions.

Product Targeting Strategy

Are you familiar with product targeting for your ads? Well, now is definitely a good time to familiarize yourself with it and include it in your PPC strategy.

It allows you to target Amazon customers according to the type of products and the categories that they belong to or according to ASINs for which you want your ad to display. This strategy works particularly well for products generating low sales.

All you need to do is run product targeting ads for those products by targeting your ASINs that have a high conversion rate.

This ensures that the ads for products with fewer sales will be displayed on your high-converting, top-performing ASINs and will boost traffic and conversions for them as well. This works wonders especially for newly launched products by giving them more visibility and exposure.

Advertise Only the Right Products

Advertising any and every product makes no sense. You have to be smart and tactical with what products you advertise and that is an important PPC strategy in itself. You have to ensure that the products you are ensuring are retail-ready or in-stock.

Especially when you’re advertising them, you should expect a spike in sales and stock up accordingly. If you run out of stock too soon, then it makes no sense because you’re spending money on running ads for those products while not being able to make anything back in sales.

Advertise products that have low competition and high-profit margins. Advertise products that you sell complementary items to. In case you sell an electronic shaving machine and items related to it like additional fixtures, special batteries, etc, then you should run ads for this shaver as along with it there are other products in your product line that could benefit too.

Research and Review Keywords

You must continuously research and add keywords to your list of long-tail and short-tail keywords. An Amazon keyword research tool can prove very beneficial and help you stay on top of things.

It will provide you with great insights into what keywords you should add, what high-performing ones to retain, what to pause, uncover competitor keywords, etc. You shouldn’t be spending money on low-converting keywords as they will drain your PPC budget.

SellerApp’s automation tools have rules like Money Saver and Keyword Harvester in place to ensure your PPC campaigns use only high-converting keywords. These tools help you maintain a low ACoS and earn a high ROI.

You should also identify all negative keywords as these are keywords for which you do not want your ad to display. It reduces the possibility of your ads being displayed to audiences that are not potential buyers.

It helps you focus on showing your ads to people who will most likely convert. In other words, it narrows down your target audience and reduces wasted ad spend.


These aforementioned strategies have to be tried with patience and sellers should not expect overnight results. PPC campaigns and changes you make to them take time to gain traction. If you are new to selling and advertising on Amazon and need some guidance on the very basics of Amazon PPC then you can read this blog. For other seasoned sellers, go ahead and give these strategies a try!

Author’s Bio

Arishekar N

Arishekar N, the Head of Marketing at SellerApp, specializes in digital marketing, in addition to website keyword optimization for search engines. His areas of expertise include enhancing the organic ranking of web pages on search engines with innovative SEO strategies and online promotions.


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