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How to Make Animation Cartoon Characters for Educational Video

Animation cartoon characters are an effective way to add life to an educational video. Reading text on the screen is quite boring but with some elements of cartoon characters in animation online, you can make your presentation more lively and interesting.

So, how do you make animated cartoon characters for educational videos? Surprisingly, it is quite easy when you use a video maker like Doratoon. In this post, we will share a step-by-step guide on how to make cartoon videos using a reliable and effective software tool called Doratoon. Let’s get started!

Unique Features of Doratoon Software

Doratoon offers you an intuitive platform to create customized animated videos. The platform offers millions of royalty-free animations, backgrounds, templates, stock footage, props, and so much more.

There is no doubting the fact that everything you need to create an impressive and highly engaging animation cartoon character for an educational video is available on the platform. Let’s look at some features that distinguish Doratoon from others.

AI Dubbing

This is a text-to-speech feature that helps to convert your text into audio format. So, when you add the text for your animation, you can select a voice character that aligns with your content to add voiceover to your creation. That means you don’t have to worry about recording your voice for the animation. Doratoon has the tool to create it.

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Animated Characters

So, you want a variety of cartoon characters for educational videos. Trust Doratoon to provide you with tons of options. You will find more than 8000 facial expressions and actions that you can explore for your creation. Browse through the super-attractive animated characters and select the best that suits your animation.

AI Drawing

Whether you are trying to pass across simple or complex concepts, drawing offers an attractive option for communicating your ideas. You don’t have to worry if you cannot use technical drawing tools.

Doratoon offers an AI Drawing feature that provides all the drawing you would ever need in creating your animation cartoon character for educational video. This tool predicts the drawings or shapes that best suit each part of your animation.

Huge Template Library

With millions of royalty-free templates, backgrounds, images, and more, you can create anything on Doratoon. The huge library of templates offers hundreds of templates on educational themes. All these templates are easy to use as all you have to do is choose your preferred option and use the intuitive tools on the platform to edit the content.


Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Animated Videos

This guide looks at how to make a cartoon character with Doratoon for a cartoon video. It is worth mentioning that this software is a unique and modern tool with a plethora of templates, animated characters, backgrounds, sound effects, and more features that you can use.

You will find over 300 educational scenes, character animations, and icons that you can use to create an animated video that is both fun and impressive. Here is how to make animated videos on Doratoon in four easy steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Doratoon and sign up for an account with your email address.

Step 2: Choose your preferred templates from the tons of options available. You also have the freedom to create your template from scratch.

Step 3: Edit the video template you have chosen by clicking the Edit button. You can change the colors, fonts, background, images, and more to suit what you need.

Step 4: Preview your creation to see if it meets your expectations. Next, download the video to your system and share it with your students.

That’s all it takes to use the Doratoon software for any creation. Everything you need is available on the site for seamless and quick animation creation.

Tips to Make the Best Animation Cartoon Characters for Educational Video

Streamline your Content

The beauty of educational videos is the compressed way materials are put together. Students don’t take pleasure in reading long texts. Therefore, when creating your educational video, streamline your content and give only important information.

Instead of text, select cartoon characters, animated graphs, charts, and icons to communicate your idea. Reduce the text as much as possible.

Understand your Target Audience

Who are you teaching? Are they primary or secondary school students? Are they higher education students or online students? When you understand your target audience, you can decide on the best approach to make an animation for free to connect with them.

Use the Right Style

Animation characters come in different versions. Options available are 2D/3D animated cartoon characters, hand-drawn characters, and whiteboard animation, among others. Choose the best style that you think will resonate better with your audience.


Q: How do I make animated cartoon videos?

A: Use an impressive animation maker tool like Doratoon where you can explore different templates for your creation. Next, animate your content and synchronize the text and voice before you download and share it with your target audience.

Q: How do I add animated cartoons to my educational video?

A: Use Doratoon to create your animated cartoon and click on it when done to drag it to the center of your workspace. Use the actions tab on the page to apply different actions to your cartoon character.


These are the simple steps on how to create an animated video with cartoon characters for an educational video, and the tips to work with while working on your project. As mentioned, Doratoon is a top software tool that you can use to make animation cartoon characters for your presentation.

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