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Web directories have been there since the early years of modern World Wide Web. In fact, this is how Yahoo! started its operations. Web directories used to be the most authentic way to discover the world, before search engines took over the game of finding the content online.

Well, web directories might have been lost in the game of search engines, but the concept is still alive and is much needed for most of us. Imagine, if you plan to advertise your B2B brand on top business websites for effective lead generation. Would you like to spend an hour or two to find top ten business websites or will prefer getting a pre-built list from a trusted source?

Certainly, you’ll go for the later, because it’s time-saving and time is money! is one such resource that has created a list of top websites for a wide range of niches. Let it be business or tech news, shopping or social media, gaming or travel, food or fun, you will find top websites of all these a lot more categories at one place.

Top ten lists are shown on the home page with an option to view all which takes you to a category page where you can see the extended lists. So, whether you are looking for the best websites to advertise on or want to bookmark the best sources of information, solves all your problems.

This kind of listing is actually very useful to the general public, i.e. it makes search way too easier for regular web surfer. But, I believe, it’s more valuable to marketers and researchers, because it saves their tens of hours, making them more productive. in Their Own Words: is a new kind of start page that helps web surfers find the most popular sites on the web. We regularly update our lists with most relevant and the best websites on the internet. Sites that are added are placed in categories for easier finding.


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