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How APIs Make Life Easy for Developers

What is an API?

What is an API exactly? An API or Applications Programming Interface is a computing interface used to define the interactions between different software intermediaries. It is also used to define the requests and calls made, data formats and conventions used in the calls, and how to make the calls.

How APIs Make Life Easy for Developers

APIs are very important in the world of technology today. They have changed the way businesses operate and continue to do so every day. Through the use of APIs, businesses are able to meet many user demands that might otherwise have been very difficult to meet.

For example, a company might need to develop an online store that meets the requirements of its users.

One of the requirements might involve something tricky like a complex login system and the ability for the users to share different products through external applications. This will demand a lot of work from the developer side and might require a very talented developer who might cost the company a lot.

To avoid all these problems, developers can implement an API that performs all these functions as they concentrate on other aspects of the application.

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How Do APIs Make Life Easy for Developers?

APIs have made it easy for developers to come up with amazing applications that meet their set requirements.

For instance, Abstractapi company provides different APIs to ease developers’ lives and an opportunity to focus on other areas of their application and leave other functionalities to APIs. These companies monetize API through usage-based billing or subscription-based or offering additional services and features of the API.

Access to Information

Some applications require the use of information from other applications for them to perform their functions.

Instead of spending a lot of time writing code for this functionality, developers can implement APIs that grants them access to other applications’ databases in an ethical way.


Some applications need the services of others to work. This is made possible by APIs. Developers can use APIs to enhance uninterrupted communication between different applications and their users.

This is important in making sure that applications share data without any issues.

Testing Data

There are companies that have already established themselves and have large databases of user information.

In situations where developers need to test user behavior, they do not have to develop complicated applications for that purpose.

They can simply implement an API that makes it possible to easily test the user behavior.

Customizing Applications

When building applications, developers do not have to write the entire code from scratch.

This has been made possible by APIs. For example, a developer building a weather application can simply implement a weather API that meets all or some of their requirements.

They can then customize the API to match their requirements. This helps in shortening the development time as well as minimizing development costs.


Security is one of the most important things that developers need to have in their applications.

A compromised application might lead to leakage of user information that might negatively affect a business.

When developing APIs, developers are required to meet a global set of security requirements. Furthermore, one can test an API before implementation to make sure that it meets its security requirements.


Developers might be faced with a situation where they want to integrate different applications.

For example, one might be faced with a requirement that needs them to integrate a fingerprint scanner into their application, something that might be very demanding.

Without APIs, they would be forced to write a completely new application that integrated the original applications. However, they can simply implement an API to integrate the two applications swiftly.


The use of APIs has made it easy for businesses to scale down on the time taken during the development of an application as well as the costs involved.

It has also made it possible for developers to come up with creative applications that easily meet the changing demands of the application users.

APIs have surely made life easy for developers.


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