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Applied BioMath Succeeds to Raise $1.36 Million

Applied BioMath; an advanced mathematical modeling software for pharmaceutical research and development has recently raised $1,360,000 of funding.

The company is a biotechnology firm but it doesn’t make any drugs. Rather it develops advanced mathematical analysis tools for the research and development purposes which in turn help make the drugs better and faster.

The advanced mathematical algorithms provide researchers with invaluable insight they can use to build better drugs faster and more affordably than ever before. However, the usefulness and effectiveness of the tools can be better explained only by the people who work in pharmaceutical development space.

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Developing a new drug for the market is not an easy task; it involves a massive research. A big price is involved; not just in terms of money but in terms of time and other resources as well.

Each drug present on pharmacy shelves is a result of years and even decades of man-hours, and hundreds of millions or even billions of development dollars that went into developing it.

So understanding the value of ABM tools may not be that easy for a common man, but yes it’s certainly making a buzz in the pharma world where the technology is expected to optimize the process and help the industry specifically and to the world in general.