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5 Apps to Assist Small Business Owners With Customer Service

The most crucial aspect of your business isn’t always the product. Good standing in the public eye often comes first — a higher priority than your products and services. No review can tank your business faster than one about poor customer service. If someone doesn’t feel tended to, they won’t come back.

That creates significant anxiety for leaders who are just starting in business. You don’t have the community or resources that more established companies do. But what you do have are helpful apps.

Here, we’ll catch you up on the must-haves to guarantee your customers will always boast of a great experience.

1. Self-Service 

You can’t always be at your desk. With this app, your customers will be automatically greeted by a virtual agent when they come to your site.

It can be customized to talk customers through their problems. This way, you’ll be in communication with them even when you can’t get to them right away.  Now they won’t be left struggling for long periods of time without hearing from anyone. There’s nothing worse for your business’s reputation than people feeling ignored.

Even if the virtual agent cannot help them immediately, it can at least show them how to contact someone who can, verifying they’ll get a response.

2. Scheduling App

There’s a reason people are afraid to start businesses. Juggling orders, shipments, and customer service is a lot to handle, and it’s easy to make a mistake. Sometimes, when the day is too chaotic, you’ll mix something up no matter how well you take notes.

A scheduling app will keep you on point. It will notify you when something needs to be done. Now you’ll never miss an appointment or order again.

3. Payroll

This is a more roundabout in your service. It’s not just the customer’s orders and service you need to be on point with. You need to incentivize your employees to keep getting their best work.

A payroll app will tell you exactly how much you owe each employee on each payment schedule. Many can generate invoices for you, so there’s no hassle on your end. You’ll never worry about whether you’ve paid someone on time again.

Your efforts will go far in establishing employee trust, which will overall improve the work environment. And happy, trusting employees are sure to treat your customers with patience and respect.

4. Ticketing System 

A ticket is a customer’s signal for help. A ticketing system will allow them to designate their problem among a number of options so you can understand exactly what they need. Or if their need isn’t mentioned in the options, they can customize one.

With this system in place, you’ll know how many people need assistance and with what. You’ll eliminate the risk of forgetting about someone, leading them to become disgruntled. Fix their problems quickly and make them rave about you to their friends.

5. Social Media Pages

These sites are known for their role in building a platform. It’s also a means of direct communication between you and your clients. Many people gravitate toward the more personal feeling of talking this way.

Communication is a powerful thing. That’s why so many advertisements say something like “we’ll treat you like a person instead of a number.” Everyone has a story where they felt like they were bothering the people they said would help them. Make sure no one has a story like that with your company.

Assist Your Customers — And Yourself 

When you have more time and peace of mind, you’re much more effective. Remember, those customers submitting their tickets are going to make or break your business.

Remember that technology can be a great assistant; let it turn your startup business into a thriving one.


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