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Around Three Quarters of Employees Receive Ongoing Training in the Workplace

A new workplace training study carried out by instantprint has revealed that roughly three quarters of employees receive ongoing training. The survey conducted by the printing company who specialise in everything from posters to brochures also discovered that while workers may be receiving training, most workers aren’t happy with the level of training provided.

Here, we’ll look at the results of this new survey and how important ongoing training is in the workplace.

Key Statistics Revealed in Study

The workplace training study surveyed more than 750 office workers. While it revealed that almost three-quarters of workers receive ongoing training, shockingly 31% of new employees don’t receive induction training.

Furthermore, if workers require funding for a qualification related to their job, just 59% would receive support from their workplace. Interestingly, a regional split was identified in the survey. Two-thirds of those in the north receive ongoing training, while a staggering 83% in the south receive it. This could be down to the fact that more workers in the south ask for training compared to northern workers.

The takeaway of the study was that although ongoing training is received by most workers, the quality is often less than expected.

How Important is Ongoing Training?

So, how important is workplace training? Well, in the survey over half of the employees stated they would leave their job if training wasn’t provided.

The CEO of instantprint, James Kinsella, states:

Workplace training is vital if you want your staff to stick with you and perform at their best. This survey has revealed a serious shortfall between the training employees expect and what they’re currently receiving in workplace training offers across the UK.”

He also advises companies to offer induction training:

“All companies should offer induction and ongoing training to staff, to help them settle in and achieve a fulfilling career. To help employees reach their goals, organisations should work to provide personal development plans for workers, tailored to each employee’s objectives and aspirations.”

Many employers don’t realise just how many benefits employee training can deliver. The right training can improve employee retention, boost morale, increase workplace engagement and address any weaknesses in performance.

A high number of workers surveyed said they wanted personally tailored training. They also preferred on the job training as opposed to e-learning. This shows employers need to focus more on the employee training they provide, ensuring it fulfils worker needs.

Overall, not having the right training in place can seriously damage a business. Not only will providing it help to retain employees, but it also ensures you are meeting legal requirements. Some types of training are mandatory but more significance needs to be placed on offering tailored training solutions.

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