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Assembly’s Second Round of Investments Generate $2.9 Million

Recently, the popular web collaboration platform Assembly was infused by fresh funding of $2.9 million.This was the second round of funding for the web platform with the first round generating an undisclosed amount and the investors being FLOODGATE, Collaborative Fund and Kevin Donahue (Co-Founder, Epic!).

The second round of funding attracted four major investors including Collaborative Fund, Thrive Capital, Union Square Ventures and BoxGroup.


Assembly allows a person to build software apps collectively forming teams of people from various parts of the world. The developers can retain the ownership of the software apps and receive profits for their hard work and contributions.

Unlike traditional software app companies, using Assembly you won’t require investors, shareholders or even employees. All of these will be replaced by a global community which will create and own products collectively.

All the steps from design to development to marketing is using a collaborative effort. All the people who contribute at various stages in the team can be assigned an ownership stake, which can be decided mutually. Each of the developed apps has App Coins which are earned by contributing towards software development.

Now, with a decent funding generation in the second round of investments, the founders of the service are focusing on better integration of technology.

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