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Ways to Attract More Patients to Your Medical Practice

Examine your bedside manner. If you are a practice manager, check if your medical staff are too transactional and get it done and over with attitude? Even though you are in the medical field, patients do not come in to talk about science; they mostly visit your clinic due to their need to hear a reassuring voice that you can help them with their medical issues.

Having the best ophthalmology website design may mean inviting more visitors to check your website and successful bookings. You can grow your clients if you observe the same level of incredible customer satisfaction when they go in for appointments.

What Are Some of the Tips That We Can Invite More Patients to Our Medical Practice?

Patient Experience

When iMatrix comes in and analyzes a practice, we look at how the medical practice communicates with patients. How do you do follow-up, for example? When a potential client or patient inquiries, does the follow-up happen within 30 minutes, the next day, or perhaps nothing at all?

This is something huge with patient experience. How pleasant is your staff in treating patients who have questions? How do you greet incoming patients? Is there a frozen wall between your team and your patients?

Helping a patient needs to be looked at in all aspects. You do not treat them right away, but is there a human touch or even an attempt to build a connection? Patients will talk about these when they leave feedback or answer surveys.

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Some medical practices even go the extra mile of giving a gift bag to every completed check-up. For example, you can give your patient a bag that includes an eye patch if they come in for an eye check-up.

This eye patch that could make them sleep better can include your logo. Win-win. The patient feels valued, and it is not that expensive on your part, too. Imagine the word of mouth you will get from every patient appreciating a simple token they got from an eye care visit.

Relevant Marketing

Try visiting your own website through a laptop, a tablet, or through your mobile phone and see for yourself what kind of experience will get when you access different pages or tabs? Most visitors will be logging on to your webpage on their phones.

When you check it, do you get a good feeling or is it too complicated? Are you presented with options to call, schedule an appointment, or learn more about the company?

Does your website have video content and a friendly web experience? People like watching videos these days and a lot of us are convinced easily when we visualize the possible experience they can have as they watch in your videos.

In fact, we can help you find out how many patients are staying on your site and requesting appointments and how many of them do not even bother to see your services because of a landing page that takes time to appear or too much information in one go.

Your website is a major marketing tool and should be generating you revenue.


You can always connect with your own community and get their referrals. When you want to own the supply chain, you should be that person that everyone loves in your community.

So it helps to invite more of your colleagues to join you one weekend and host a gathering and just to get to know the demographic and your market better. This way, you can also learn what they personally appreciate in medical practice. What works for them, what does not.

You want your brand to be synonymous with the services that you offer. Nowadays, patients can book straight to see an ophthalmologist. Many often miss on the boat of doing a self-referral.

We Are Excited for You!

We cannot wait to see you grow your practice faster and easier. If you are an eye care provider looking for an opportunity to change your game plan this year and want to gain more referrals and successful appointments, call us today at 888.792.8384 and we can share with you marketing strategies exclusive for you!


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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.