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What Are the 3 Main Ways of Attracting Top Talent in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Energy companies find they encounter new challenges regularly. How they respond to these challenges determines their success or failure.

One area of concern to many employers involves the finding and retaining of key talent. A company needs the right individuals in different roles to move the company forward.

Those organizations that know how to attract new talent find they gain an edge over competitors.

How can an energy company draw top talent in and build a relationship that assures these individuals remain with the organization for years to come?


Lucrative benefits draw individuals to an organization. This is one concept the energy industry understands and acts on. Nevertheless, times are changing, and every oil and gas company must respond to these changes.

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Today, individuals looking to secure a position in the oil and gas industry research the benefits offered.

They want a long-term job that remains stable even during trying times. In addition, men and women want benefits that are relevant to their lives.

Gas and oil companies that offer competitive benefits find they attract new talent. They remain competitive in a crowded industry. The salary and benefits package must be comprehensive.

Speak to an oil and gas recruiter denver to learn more about possible benefits a person may receive above and beyond their salary. However, this serves as only part of the equation used to attract new talent.

Training and Development

Companies that offer professional training and development find they attract new talent. The training and development provide employees with the tools they need for success.

In addition, workers appreciate a company that invests in them and their future.

They report higher job satisfaction as a result of this investment on the part of the company. Furthermore, they feel valued, which leads to increased productivity and engagement.

The training and development help the company as well by creating a workforce prepared to compete in a global market.

The workforce continues to improve and may become a leader in the industry thanks to the skills and knowledge learned through this training and development.

Branding and Positioning

Individuals want to work for an industry leader, as doing so gives them pride in their job. Employer branding helps to set an organization apart from its competitors, yet many business owners overlook this basic fact.

As a result, they miss out on opportunities to attract new talent.

They may find, as a result of this failure, they fall behind competitors. How can a company prevent this from happening?

Employees want to feel valued and cared for. When researching a job opportunity, individuals use a variety of resources to learn more about the company. Employers must know what these resources say about the organization.

Almost half of all job seekers today turn to social media to learn more about a company’s reputation. They also look at the career website for the company and rely on traditional marketing and advertising for more information.

The information they gather gives them a better understanding of the company and whether it is a place they would like to work.

Recruiting costs to decrease when a company has a well-developed brand. A strong brand attracts people without the need to advertise or recruit as extensively.

Furthermore, it takes less time to fill open positions, and employees are less likely to leave the company once they secure a job.

Additionally, employees share with others their experience within a company and this can encourage new talent to seek a position with the organization.


It can be challenging to attract top talent in the oil and gas industry. Companies need to know how best to go about achieving this goal. The three methods mentioned above are of great help in doing so.

Try them today to see how they benefit your organization.


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