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7 Simple Ways To Get More Attractive Eyebrows

Eyebrow Care Is Self-Care

In today’s climate, the concept of self-care is a big one, it’s a popular concept and a lot of focus is placed on taking care of yourself.

The internet has a range of articles and information on self-care, ensuring good mental health, regular exercise, and sleep and this should encompass the body as a whole.

A lot of articles will pinpoint and detail matters such as meditation and mindfulness for mental health, physical exercise, and a balance of rest and play for physical health. Beauty magazines and blogs may detail practises such as tanning, makeup, and other matters.

A good foundation for this would be to take care of your eyebrows.

Just as taking care of your body is important, so is being kind to your eyebrows. These mere little critters can quickly become untamed, thick, and unruly if left to themselves.

Having good eyebrows can alter your whole look, and help lift your mood. Looking good can you feel great too. Manicuring these facial friends can soften your look and make your eyes more noticeable and alluring.

How To Care For Your Eyebrows

Taking care of your face overall will help maintain good eyebrows. After all, your eyebrows live there, and ensuring their home is clean and well taken care of, will potentially assist them in functioning better.

We live in busy times and at the end of a grueling day, it might be tempting just to fall into bed with your makeup on and worry about it in the morning.

Just as you’d brush your teeth before bed, take makeup off every night before you go to bed. Have a good facial routine to ensure all traces of your beloved face paint have been removed and enter into slumber with a clean and fresh face.

Have a good face care practice. Taking good care of your skin can soften the aging process and keep you feeling vibrant and youthful.

Australia is perhaps one of the harshest conditions relating to sun exposure. Wear sunscreen when outdoors to prevent your skin aging and to prevent skin-related cancers and other issues.

Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise! This will help nurture the eye and eyebrow area and protect them from weather and other alignments. It helps strengthen and care for the skin, whilst promoting growth in the eyebrow area

Stay hydrated yourself. Water is good for your body in all aspects. It helps keep you fresh and well and helps you function better on many levels. Being dehydrated can dry out your skin.

Engage in an after-sun care regime. Use aloe vera to stop them from drying out.

Massage Your Brows

Massage those brows. Give them a pamper. Use castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, whichever takes your fancy. Be mindful not to overdo it though, only a few drops are needed to have the desired effect.

Not only does this help your brows, but it can help with stress management. It is said that massaging this area of your face activates a section of your brain which relieves nervous tension.

It is also thought to assist in reducing puffiness, dark circles, and inflammation.

To massage your brows, you can simply run your index and/or pointer fingers over your eyebrows, following their shape in gentle strokes, following the pattern of your brows.

After Threading Care

Ideally, threading is preferred over waxing in the facial area. Your eye area is a very sensitive area and prone to wear and tear and potential infections.

Pick a shape that suits you. It might be tempting to follow a trend or relocate a friend’s style, but your face is unique to you. The right style can be very flattering and change your whole look for the better.

Give them a gentle brush with an eyebrow brush to keep them in shape.

Fill them in with an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner when needed. Take care to blend them in nicely.

Be sure to maintain professional eyebrow threading or waxing to discourage overgrowth and losing your eyebrow shape. It is recommended to have a four to six timeframe between treatments.

But What Is Threading Exactly?

Eyebrow threading is an art where a thin thread made from polyester or cotton is doubled over, then twisted. The craft of threading involves the thread being rolled over the unwanted hairs, where the hair is plucked at the follicle in short rows.

This method allows for more accurate and detailed hair removal without taking away the shape and contour of your brows.

The process can take between five to fifteen minutes each session.

Threading is completely natural and chemical-free. Some people have experienced reactions to waxing whereas this method eliminates that risk.

It is considered by many to also be the least painful way to get rid of those unwanted hairs too!

Whist this method is most suitable for facial hair, the rest of your body is better off with waxing, as there is generally a larger volume of hair in those other parts. In these instances, waxing would be quicker and more appropriate.

But Where Did Threading Begin?

Although relatively new to the Western World, it is thought that threading is as old as 6000 years. Beginning in the Eastern cultures of Iran and India, threading was used to keep eyebrow shapes and remove unwanted facial hair.

Chinese cultures are said to have opted for this particular method of hair removal over any others.

This was actually serious business and highly regarded. Brides got their eyebrows threaded before their wedding as a sign of being a newly wedded wife. In other cultures, it was a symbol of moving from childhood into adulthood.

It first entered the Western World in the 1980s and quickly took off. Now there are stores everywhere to accommodate the growing and popular art and it has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Author: Therese Vickers

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